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Today, 03:23 AM

Ahhhh June 15th 2011 :P I was supposed to head out to Downtown that day to cheer on the Canucks but thank god I didn't go. But it was a very interesting birthday present tho, seeing your city being destroyed by hooligans. 
After having some thoughts as well, I would get pissed off too.......... 


Maybe Darwin was onto something :lol:
P. S. I was being violently sarcastic about the compliments BTW.

In Topic: The Random Thoughts Thread

Today, 01:43 AM

Lucky. People around here like to go to the extremes of destroying their own neighborhood and city property. Here's the dead bus from the 2012 world series win. The destruction was in the front so you can't actually see where it was destroyed.

Apparently doesn't matter if the team wins.
Remember the insanity in Vancouver?

What do you think about this video ? 
I didn't know that if you compliment a women to have a nice evening you're harassing her :/ 

I'd be furious too if I received nothing but compliments from girls as I walked down the street.

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Today, 01:39 AM

I noticed they are changing the T1 rollsigns. The font is similar to the font they used on the spadina line with a heavier weight. Does anyone know if this is across the board or are they only replacing damaged signs. 

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Yesterday, 12:26 AM

That's how the phone companies get you.  They are counting on you to go over your data / minutes.

They'll take your money whether you use your airtime or not.
Imagine if your bank did that.
Highway robbery.

In Topic: General FML moments

28 October 2014 - 11:50 PM

Tomorrow is not going to be fun. Got no money until Friday, no food, and no busefare so I'm going to be stuck in the house starving until my mom gets home from work at 9:30 PM. At least I'm getting paid on Friday....

Lol same here. Gotta pick up a cheque from an old job.