New Flyer Industries DE60LF

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New Flyer DE60LF
New Flyer DE60LF
Years of manufacture 2002 to 2010
Length 60 feet
Width 102 inches
Propulsion Diesel-electric hybrid
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The New Flyer Industries DE60LF is a hybrid version of the popular D60LF model by New Flyer Industries. Although New Flyer introduced its first diesel-electric hybrid bus in 1998, they did not start mass producing them until about 2001.

The first DE60LF, serial 24129, was launched in 2002 with King County Metro in Seattle, WA, USA. Coach 2599 was originally delivered with the Cummins ISL engine and later lengthened and converted to a Caterpillar C9 in 2004. However, KCM's newest DE60LFs deilvered in 2008 have returned to the Cummins ISL engine.

For the 2008 and 2009 DE60LF order for King County Metro Transit the batteries were split between the rear foof section and the front roof section. This allowed for full roof HVAC on the rear section instead of just the front. All the equipment on the roof are contained in enclosures.

After the 2009 model year, New Flyer discontinued the LF series of buses with the traditional style front and rear ends. In November 2009, New Flyer updated their website and removed the LF models from their lineup. The DE60LF was replaced by the DE60LFR. Production for some existing orders of the DE60LF continued into 2010.




Hybrid system


  • ACQ Pressure Preserved Plywood subfloor
    • Altro Transflor
    • Tarabus


  • Thermo King roof mounted on tractor section, rear mounted on trailer section
  • Thermo King roof mounted (one on each section, introduced 2008 with King County Metro Transit)



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Demonstrator and engineering units

Below is a list of known demonstrators and engineering bues.

Fleet number Thumbnail Year VIN Engine Hybrid system Notes
2002 2FYD2UM06TU016716 Cummins ISL Allison EP50 System Appears to be a former 1996 D60LF demo unit.
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