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Alexander Dennis Enviro500
Strathcona County Transit 8015-a.jpg
Years of manufacture 2002 to present
Length 11.3 to 13.8 metres
Width 2550 milimetres
Strathcona County Transit 8018-a.jpg

The Alexander Dennis Enviro500 is a tri-axle, double-decker transit and commuter bus. It was launched in 2002 by TransBus International and is part of the Enviro-series of buses. The Enviro500 is designed and built to meet European standards and the operating environment of Asia and North America. The Enviro500 is currently offered with traditional diesel propulsion, diesel-electric hybrid propulsion, and battery-electric propulsion options.

The chassis for the Enviro500 was developed from the Trident 3. The builder's plate on the early Enviro500 buses lists the chassis as "Trident E500". From 2004 to 2008, the Enviro500 body was built on the Volvo Buses B9TL chassis.

Asia Pacific design

The Enviro500 was first launched in Hong Kong, with Kowloon Motor Bus taking the first examples in 2002. Citybus and New World First Bus, Hong Kong's two other large bus companies, purchased their first Enviro500 buses in 2007. In addition to customers in Hong Kong, the Enviro500 was purchased by Dublin Bus in Ireland and First Glasgow in Scotland.

While the Trident 3 had a width of 2500 millimetres (98.4 inches), the body of the Enviro500 was wider at 2550 millimetres (100.3 inches). The bus was initially available in a length of 12 metres. A length of 11.3 metres later became available, with New World First Bus| (NWFB) and Kowloon Motor Bus (KMB) taking the first examples in 2009.

Buses for Hong Kong and other Asian cities have a fixed top deck rear window where the glass is broken for emergency egress. Whereas buses built for Dublin and Glasgow retained the traditional window frame with push-out egress. In addition later model buses for Asia would have the emergency door on the lower deck replaced by a glazed panel that can be broken.

The original styling of the Enviro500 was shared with the single-deck Enviro300. In late 2003, both were revised with a slightly different lower front and rear fascia.

In 2012, Alexander Dennis launched a new version of the Enviro500 for the Asia Pacific region known as the Enviro500 MMC (major model change). This version of the Enviro500, in addition to following the exterior restyle that was first introduced in North America, uses a new chassis with the drivetrain off-set to the left. The new chassis configuration along with a new staircase design have increased the seating capacity to 90. Changes in materials and parts design lead to a reduction of weight as well. These include an aluminum radiator and lighter polymer panels.[1]

The Asia Pacific Enviro500 MMC was restyled at the end of 2015 with a similar aesthetic to the Enviro400 MMC. This design is also in-line with the updated Enviro500 introduced to North America a year earlier. Buses built for operators in New Zealand continue to use the pre-facelifted body design, however, mainly due to the narrower vehicle width compared to the Asia-Pacific or North American versions.

Singapore-specific design

In 2015, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) commissioned Alexander Dennis as well as MAN to each design a bus specifically for their service area. The Singapore-specific Enviro500 made its debut in March 2016 and was displayed at various events around Singapore, culminating with display at the Singapore International Transport Congress and Exhibition in October 2016.

The bus is 13 metres long and has three doors. Inside, the bus has two staircases; one near the front and one behind the rear wheels. The bus shown to the public was an unpowered mock-up, likely due to the need to redesign the engine compartment to accommodate the rear staircase and rearmost door. The bus seats a total of 72 passengers and provides USB charging ports on board.

In 2019, Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA) awarded a contract for 50 units of the three door version of the Enviro500.[2] [3]

The production model for Singapore was rolled out in March 2021. It has fully flat floor in contrast to the MAN ND323 3-door unit which has some steps at the rear doorway [4]. The drive axle on the Enviro500 was moved to the rear to accommodate the drivetrain components that were relocated to the right side of the rear.[5]

European design

In September 2015, Alexander Dennis announced that they received an order for 19 Enviro500 buses for Swiss operator PostAuto. The buses were delivered in 2017, launching the Enviro500 in continental Europe. One of these buses was also shown at the year's Busworld trade show in Kortrijk, Belgium.

Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) of Berlin, Germany trialed an Enviro500 in October 2015. Three years later in October 2018, Alexander Dennis announced that BVG placed an order for 70 Enviro500 buses. The contract allows for the purchase of up to 430 buses. The first two pilot buses were delivered in October 2020.[6]

The European Enviro500 is 13-metres long and 4-metres tall. It is available with 2 or 3 doors as well as one or two staircases. The buses built for Berlin are 13.8-metres long, 4.06-metres tall, and seat 80 passengers.[6]

North American design

In 2004 Alexander Dennis introduced a version of the Enviro500 for the North American market. It had a modified body with a lower height. It used a redesigned fuel tank that enabled the straight staircase to be moved forward. Unlike the Enviro500 overseas, the North American version lacked a rear window. This area, instead, had a black gloss-effect rectangular panel with larger circular tail lights on either side.

In late 2007, Alexander Dennis announced that a 12.8 metre long version of the Enviro500 would be made available in 2008. GO Transit was the first customer to receive this version. The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada later took delivery of 12.8 metre length Enviro500 buses with two staircases.

At the 2011 APTA Expo in New Orleans, Alexander Dennis launched a redesigned look to the Enviro500 based on the front styling of the Enviro400.[7] A lower, "Go-Anywhere" height option was launched as well, with OC Transpo and GO Transit among the first customers.[8]

The lower height at 4.1 metres was only available with the 12.8 metre length to make up for a reduction in seating capacity. Unlike the standard height model, the rear row of seats is over the rearmost wheel with the fuel tank behind. The fuel tank had to be relocated due to the dropped body height. The door beside the last passenger window is used for maintenance access.

A redesign for the 2015-model year was introduced at the 2014 APTA Expo in Houston. It features an exterior similar to the Euro 6 Enviro400 and shares a little bit of the interior aesthetic. The fuel tank was modified to allow for more rear passenger space while maintaining the "Go-Anywhere" height. In addition, the drivetrain is offset to the left like the post-2012 Asia Pacific design.

Alexander Dennis produced another version of the Enviro500 in 2016. The "Super-Lo" Enviro500 was developed at the behest of Metrolinx and has a lower height than the "Go-Anywhere" version. At 3.9 metres, it is able to fit in GO Transit's Hamilton, Yorkdale, York Mills, and Union Station bus terminals. The "Super-Lo" Enviro500 is also 13.8 metres long and has the rear half of the lower deck reserved for luggage.

Metrolinx agreed to purchase 253 "Super-Lo" buses over a five-year period with an option for 150 more. As part of the agreement, a chassis assembly facility was constructed in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.[9]

Vancouver purchased 57 Enviro500 MMC for use on their suburban routes. The first bus was in service by the end of October 2019. [10] 32 were delivered until 2020 with an order of an additional 25 currently on hold.

Specifications (On Enviro500 chassis)


Canada Flag of Canada.png


  • Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG - Berlin

Hong Kong Flag of Hong Kong.jpg

Ireland Flag of Ireland.png

Malaysia Flag of Malaysia.png

Mexico Flag of Mexico.png

  • Metrobús - Mexico City

New Zealand Flag of New Zealand.png

  • Howick & Eastern - Auckland
  • NZ Bus - Auckland

Singapore Flag of Singapore.png

Switzerland Flag of Switzerland.png

  • PostAuto
  • Transports publics de la région lausannoise - Lausanne

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Demonstrator Units

Thumbnail Build
VIN Engine Transmission Notes
Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 12M.JPG 7/2004 SFET222184GN11721 Cummins ISM Voith D864.3E
Community Transit 27900-a.jpg 2007 SFET132106GN11861 Cummins ISM ZF 6HP602C
Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 12.8M demo.JPG 2007 SFET455257GN11888 Cummins ISL9 Allison B500R
  • 12.8m.
  • Originally had seats in green vinyl, later reupholstered in blue fabric.
  • Repowered to EPA 2010 engine in 2011 (formerly had EPA 2007 ISM).
  • Trialed with and then sold to BC Transit as 9528.
8/2011 SFET40738BGN12390 Cummins ISL9 Allison B500R
  • 12.8m restyled model.
  • Silver, blue and green exterior with blue interior and 4ONE seating.
  • Displayed at the 2011 APTA and CUTA Expos.
  • Displayed at Terminus Cartier for STL passengers Jan. 19, 2012.
  • Trialed with Metrobus in Mexico October 2014.
  • Sold to Cruise Victoria in 2015.
10/2012 SFET7E730CGN12518 Cummins ISL9 Allison B500R
Alexander Dennis Enviro500 12.8M "Go-Anywhere" demo-a.jpg 8/2014 SFET9K749EGN13476 Cummins ISL9 Allison B500R
  • 12.8m restyled "Go-Anywhere" model.
  • Has reclining seats on upper deck and power outlets throughout interior.
  • Displayed at the 2014 APTA and CUTA Expos.
  • Trialed with AC Transit Feb. to Mar. 2015.
  • Trialed with WestCAT Mar. 30th to Apr. 13th, 2015.
  • Trialed with Kitsap Transit June 2015.
  • Trialed with MARTA from July 18th to Aug. 2016.
  • Trialed with Foothill Transit on Oct. 3-7, 2016.
  • Trialed with Coast Mountain Bus Company between November 2017 and March 2018 as unit R1008
Coast Mountain Bus Company 1009-b.jpg 6/2014 SFET9K748EGN13484 Cummins ISL9 Allison B500R
  • 12.8m restyled "Go-Anywhere" model.
  • Altoona test bus from Oct. 2014 to May 2015.
  • Retrofitted to EU specification Sep. 2015.
  • Trialed with BVG in Oct. 2015.
  • Trialed with Transantiago in the first half of 2017.
  • Reverted to US DOT specifications at unknown date.
  • Has wider European-sized rear license plate holder.
  • Trialed with Coast Mountain Bus Company between November 2017 and March 2018 as unit R1009
  • Operated out of CVS tours as CL30 after tenure in Vancouver
  • Currently staged at the Guildford plant for developmental purposes
F516/1 2016 SFEA11113FGN40004
  • 13.8m "Super-Lo" development vehicle
11/2016 SFEA11111GGN40021
  • 13.8m "SuperLo" demonstrator
  • Blue and white gradient and waves livery
  • Displayed at 2017 APTA Expo
  • On trial with Metropolitan Transportation Authority as of April 2018; wrapped in blue & gold wave livery.
G517/1 2017 13m, 3-door European development vehicle


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