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Alstom (originally Alsthom) is a French multinational transportation systems developer and manufacturer in the field of rail transportation. The company is headquartered in France and employs 32,800 people across 60 countries. The company is diverse in that they are active in fields of public transportation, freight transportation and signalling systems.


Alstom (originally as Alsthom) was formed from a merger between Compagnie Française Thomson Houston and the Société Alsacienne de Constructions Mécaniques in 1928.

significant acquisitions included the Constructions Electriques de France (1932), shipbuilder Chantiers de l'Atlantique (1976), and parts of ACEC SA (Belgium, late 1980s). A merger with parts of the General Electric Company plc (UK) formed GEC-Alsthom in 1989.

In 1958, Alstom won its first railway project in 1958, supplying 25 locomotives to Baocheng Line, the first electrified railway in China. It is one of the first western companies, which started business in China, much earlier than the diplomatic relationship between China and France (in 1964).

In 1997, Alstom acquired Amerail - American Passenger Rail Car Company and established its US operations in Hornell, New York.

The company became, simply, Alstom in 1998. Additionally, merger of Railway Products India Limited (RPIL) into Alstom resulted in establishment of Bengaluru engineering centre operations.

In 2000, Alstom acquired Italian train manufacturer Fiat Ferroviaria, a manufacturer of trains with tilting capabilities.

In 2004, Alstom was in financial crisis due to massive inherited unexpected costs (€4 billion) arising from a design flaw inherited from the acquisition of ABB Group's turbine business, in addition to losses in other areas of the business. The company required a €3.2 billion state-backed bailout in 2003 – and as a result was required to sell several divisions including shipbuilding and electrical transmission to Nikhanj Power, in order to comply with EU rules on state aid.

In 2014, Alstom and General Electric (GE) announced that a US$17 billion (€12.4 billion) bid for the company's power and grid divisions had been made and provisionally accepted. After modification of the deal following political controversy in France relating to the take over by a foreign company of a strategic player in heavy industry, GE's bid was modified; to include joint ventures in power generation and electrical transmission, and the sale of its own rail signalling business to Alstom. The GE acquisition deal for the power and grid division was accepted by EU and US anti-competition authorities in mid 2015, subject to the sale of Alstom's heavy gas turbine business. The acquisition was finalised on 2 November 2015, with GE acquiring Alstom's power generation and electricity transmission business (combined as GE Power) leaving the Alstom company operating solely in the rail transport market.

In 2017, Alstom announced a proposed merger with rival company Siemens division Siemens Mobility, creating a new company named Siemens Alstom. If approved, the merger would be completed at the end of 2018.[1] In 2019, the European Union (EU) blocked the merger over the concerns that it could challenge EU competition rules.Amaro, Silvia. [2]

Alstom announced in February 2020 that it had signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Bombardier and the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ) regarding the acquisition of Bombardier Transportation.[3] On January 29, 2021, Alstom announced the completion of the acquisition of Bombardier Transportation.[4]

Alstom Worldwide

Alstom is truly global in scale, reaching into the following countries; Australia, Azerbaijan, Brazil (below), Canada (below), China, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, France, Hungary, India (below), Italy, Kazakhstan (below), Norway, Poland, South Africa, Spain (below), Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States (below).

Alstom in Brazil Flag of Brazil.png


  • Lapa: The main production site of Alstom in Brazil. Lapa is also the world centre for the manufacturing of stainless steel cars.
  • Taubaté: First Citadis tramway manufacturing line in Latin America.

Alstom in Canada Flag of Canada.png

Fact sheet

  • 400+ employees
  • Four sites; Montreal and Sorel-Tracy, PQ, and Ottawa and Toronto, ON.[5]


  • 72 Alstom Citadis Spirit light rail cars will be produced in New York State (building), and the Province of Ontario (final assembly) for Ottawa's O-train Confederation Line
  • 61 cars for Metrolinx in the greater Toronto and Hamilton area. The contract was created due to the increasing pressure on Bombardier for delivering a number of the delayed cars for the Toronto Transit Commission's streetcar network. If Bombardier is unable to deliver the Eglinton Crosstown vehicles, 44 units will be deployed by Alstom. If Bombardier succeeds in completing their deadlines, the cars will be deployed on a new Hurontario/Main LRT in Brampton/Mississauga instead.
  • 17 LRT cars will be used on the Finch West LRT.
  • 468 Azur metro (subway) cars are being co-built for Société de transport de Montréal Métro with Bombardier.
  • 205 new SkyTrain cars to be built at the Kingston, Ontatio plant acquired after handover of railway department of Bombardier Transportation

Alstom in Germany Flag of Germany.png


Alstom in India Flag of India.png

Fact sheet

  • More than 1800 employees within India.


Alstom in Spain Flag of Spain.png


Projects include renovation and maintenance of [6]:

Alstom in the United Kingdom Flag of the United Kingdom.png


  • Crossrail: Alstom/ATC joint venture fitting out 21km of Crossrail tunnels under London with the track and power equipment necessary for trains to run from 2018.
  • Eurostar: 38 HS-1 train sets supplied.
  • Nottingham Express Transit (NET): Alstom has supplied 22 Citadis trams to serve the Nottingham tramway. The trams form part of an extended fleet of 37 vehicles operating across the newly extended system.
  • TfL Metro Northern Line: Service to 106 trains on London Underground’s busiest line with a guarantee to have 91 in operation every day. Rolling stock maintained from traincare centres at Morden and Golders Green.
  • Virgin Trains: Maintenance of the 56 Pendolino fleet from five separate traincare centers through the United Kingdom.

Alstom in USA Flag of the United States.png

Fact sheet

  • 1/4 of metro (subway) cars in the U.S. are Alstom-made.
  • 2,200 employees
  • 15 sites[7]
  • The Hornell, NY site is AlstomUSA's largest facility in North America.


Approximately 5,000 renovated (and overhauled) cars in the U.S.

Hornell, New York and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

Alstom in Western and Central Asia

  • Includes the countries of Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The countries of Armenia, Georgia, Krguyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan presently do not have an Alstom presence.

Fact sheet

  • 600 employees (including JVs)
  • 10 countries
  • Offices in Astana (KZ), Baku (AZ), Tashkent (UZ), Tehran (IR) and Baghdad (IQ).
  • 2 manufacturing plants


  • 3 metro train sets of 5 cars (Bakı Metropoliteni) in operation, in addition to 44 Prima freight, and 20 Prima M4 (KZ4AT) passenger locomotives.
  • 200 Prima T8 (KZ8A) freight locomotives and 95 Prima M4 (KZ4AT) passenger locomotives committed to Kazakhstan Temir Zholy.
  • 40 Prima T8 (AZ8A) freight locomotives and 10 Prima M4 (AZ4A) passenger locomotives committed to Azerbaijan Railways.


Light Rail/Tram

High Speed Rail

Alstom has given the name Avelia to their high speed train line. There are four types:

  • Avelia Liberty - high speed train for North America
  • AGV - very high speed train, short for "Automotrice à grande vitesse"
  • Euroduplex - bilevel very high speed train
  • Pendolino - high speed tilting train


Regional Rail

  • Coradia LINT: short for "leichter innovativer Nahverkehrstriebwagen" (light innovative local transport rail vehicle)[14]
  • 3 car (articulated), 56m, 162 passenger (regional)
  • 4 car (articulated), 72m, 202-228 passenger (intercity, regional, suburban)
  • 6 car (articulated), 110m, 328-366 passenger (intercity, regional, suburban)

Suburban Rail



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