American Seating 6468

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An example of a 6468 layout on a 40' high floor transit bus...
...and an example on a 40' low floor transit bus.

The American Seating 6468 (also known as Model 6468) is a type of transit seat that was produced by American Seating and its Canadian subsidiary Otaco Seating until the end of 2017. This model featured a molded fibreglass contstruction on a steel frame. It was available with a choice of padded fabric, vandal resistant fabric, or fibreglass seat back and seat pan inserts. The grab rails at the top of the seat were either stainless steel or energy-absorbing plastic. The 6468 was available with the EZ fold system to accommodate passengers utilizing mobility aids by flipping up the seat pan. This was integrated with the Advanced Restraint Module and Dual-Auto Lok™ securement system.


The following agencies operate or have operated vehicles with this model seat:

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