American Seating Innovator 850

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American Seating Innovator 850 seats on an ABQ RIDE New Flyer Industries DE60LFR.

The American Seating Innovator 850 is a model of transit seat that was introduced by Otaco in 1975. This model features vandal-resistant stainless steel construction that is easily cleaned, with a choice of padded fabric or vandal-resistant fabric inserts. The grab rails at the top may either be stainless steel or energy-absorbing thermoplastic. The Innovator 850 may feature the EZ fold system to accommodate passengers utilizing mobility aids by flipping up the seat pan.

In 2009, American Seating introduced the successor to the Innovator 850, the American Seating Vision. The Innovator 850 continued to be produced alongside the Vision for a few years before being discontinued in 2016.

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