BC Transit 5176-5180

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BC Transit 5176-5180 were Prevost V48-S buses built in 1965.

They were a custom designed bus for BC Hydro Transit, built to handle steep grades for routes to Simon Fraser University. They were used primarily on the 35 WESTRIDGE-SFU, 58 SFU-EDMONDS, and 145 BURNABY MOUNTAIN routes. They were also known to have been loaned to Pacific Stage Lines during summers in the late 1960s and/or early 1970s.

BC Hydro Transit fleet ownership transferred to Urban Transit Authority (UTA) and operations assumed by Metro Tranait Operating Company (MTOC) in April 1980. UTA renamed BC Transit in 1982; MTOC operations in Vancouver and Victoria moved into BC Transit in April 1985.

Engine Transmission Seated Capacity Destination Sign
Detroit Diesel 8V71 Spicer 4 speed manual 48 Rollsign


Renumbers Provincial
Thumbnail Date Serial License Plate Paint Notes
5501(1) 5176 BC Hydro Transit 5501-a.jpg 1965 P2061198 Orangeandyellow.jpg
5502(1) 5177 5502 img568 nov68.jpg 1965 P2061199 Orangeandyellow.jpg
5503(1) 5178 BC Hydro Transit 5503-a.jpg 1965 P2061200 Orangeandyellow.jpg
5504(1) 5179 BC Hydro Transit 5504- a.jpg 1965 P2061201 Orangeandyellow.jpg
5505(1) 505 5180 BC Hydro Transit 5505-a.jpg 1965 P2061202 Orangeandyellow.jpg