BC Transit S5101-S5119

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BC Transit S5101-S5119 were 1996 Orion Bus Industries 02.501 buses. Intended to be used on lighter duty routes, both passengers and operators complained of Exhaust fumes being pulled into the buses by the HVAC system. A fix proved elusive and the buses were soon withdrawn from service. All units were sold to the Utah Transit Authority in 1999.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination Sign
Navistar 7.3L Allison AT-545 Rollsign


Renumbers Provincial
Thumbnail Date VIN Licence plate Paint Notes
SS101 1996 2B1249N7XT6005929
S5502 1996 2B1249N76T6005930
S5103 1996 2B1249N78T6005931
S5104 1996 2B1249N7XT6005932
S5105 1996 2B1249N71T6005933
S5106 1996 2B1249N73T6005934
S5107 1996 2B1249N75T6005935
S5108 1996 2B1249N77T6005936
S5109 1996 2B1249N79T6005937
S5110 1996 2B1249N70T6005938
S5111 1996 2B1249N72T6005939
S5112 1996 2B1249N79T6005940
S5113 1996 2B1249N70T6005941
S5114 1996 2B1249N72T6005942
P5115 1996 2B1249N76T6005944
P5116 1996 2B1249N78T6005945
P5117 1996 2B1249N7XT6005946
P5118 1996 2B1249N71T6005947
P5119 1996 2B1249N73T6005948