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BYD Auto is a Chinese vehicle manufacturer based in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, and a wholly owned subsidiary of BYD Company. The BYD Company was founded in February 1995 and began manufacturing lithium-ion batteries in 1997. The automotive division was formed in January 2003 when BYD purchased the Tsinchuan Automobile Company.[1]


In 2011, BYD made its entrance into the Canadian market through East Wind Group and Canadian Rail Collision and Refurbish. A demo bus was displayed in May 2011 in Mississauga and inspected by MiWay, Metrolinx, Brampton Transit, OC Transpo and other Ontario transit agencies.[2] East Wind Group selected Windsor, Ontario as the city where an assembly for the buses would be located.[3] Windsor was to receive up to 10 buses as part of the agreement, however it expired in 2013. No buses were purchased as they never received Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards approval.[4]

BYD announced in May 2013 that they would soon be opening a battery and electric bus manufacturing facility in Lancaster, California. BYD purchased the former Rexhall Industries recreational vehicle manufacturing facility as Rexhall consolidated their operations at another facility. Some of the former Rexhall employees were retained by BYD.[5]

At the end of 2017, BYD intended to open an electric vehicle manufacturing facility in Ontario. The company was also recently awarded a contract to supply a trial fleet of electric buses to the Toronto Transit Commission.[6] Initially slated to open in 2018, the facility opened in June 2019 with a focus on manufacturing buses. The 45,000-square-foot facility is located in Newmarket, Ontario.[7]



  • B12 (12m low floor)
  • B12D (12m low floor double deck)
  • B15 (15m low floor)
  • B18 (18m low floor)
  • B19 (18.75m low floor)
  • K6 (7m minibus)
  • K7 (Mid-E, 8m one-step)
  • K7M (Mid-E, 9.4m (30') low floor)
  • K7M-ER (9.4m (30') low floor)
  • K7U (8m low floor)
  • K8 (10.2m low floor)
  • K8M (10.8m (35') low floor)
  • K8S (10.2m low floor LHD double deck)
  • K8SR (10.2m low floor RHD double deck)
  • K9 (eBus-12, 12m (40') low floor)
  • K9F (12m low floor)
  • K9FE (12m low floor)
  • K9G (eBus Andino 12, 12m high floor)
  • K9M (eBus-12, 12m (40') low floor)
  • K9MC (12m (40') low floor)
  • K9MD (12m (40') low floor, increased range)
  • K9S (10.8m (35') low floor)
  • K9R (11.6m RHD low floor)
  • K10 (12m low floor double deck)
  • K10A (15m low floor)
  • K10B (14m low floor airport shuttle)
  • K10MR (Custom 45' low floor for Denver MallRide)
  • K11A (18m low floor)
  • K11M (Lancaster, 18m low floor)
  • K11U (18m low floor)
  • KF1 (eBus Andino 18, 18m high floor)
  • RapidKL Sunway Line BRT bus (12m low floor with Gemilang body)


  • C6 (23' coach)
  • C8 (35' coach)
  • C8M (35' coach)
  • C8MS (35' double deck coach)
  • C9 (40' coach)
  • C9M (40' coach)
  • C10 (45' coach)
  • C10M (45' coach)
  • C10MS (45' double deck coach)

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