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Axion Technologies control panel.
Strathcona County Transit 3001 is equipped with an Axion Technologies Orange LED destination sign.

Axion Technologies, known as Balios Technologies before 2006 offers both LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and LED (Light Emitting Diode) signs. The most popular destination signs for buses are the orange LED type.

Destination signs for buses are still marketed under the Balios name.

The company was acquired by Luminator Technology Group in 2014.

Balios (left) and Luminator Horizon (right) orange LED destination signs


Balios Technologies Inc, established in 1989 in La Pocatière (Quebec, Canada), has supplied LED Destination Signage to a number of transit agencies since 1991. Expanding into the United States, Balios USA Inc. was established in 1999 in Long Island, New York, with sales, manufacturing and service being provided from this location.

Balios USA Inc., the official licensee of Balios Technologies Inc. products in the United States, was incorporated in the state of Delaware on February 19, 1999. The company manufactures from it's 6000 square foot facility in Huntington Station, New York. Balios USA Inc. offers 100% Buy America compliance, ADA compliance, New York State Manufacturer, and is a certified woman-owned business.


The main type of sign supplied by Pocatec in Canada was their LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) model. These signs were only common on GO Transit buses, including their Prevost LeMirage XL-45 and Orion V models. Later on, they introduced a orange LED sign, with a similar resolution to the Luminator Horizon signs. Calgary Transit 7701 had its signs exchanged with this product as a test. These signs were later marketed under the Axion Technologies name.


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