Bombardier 5000 Series

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5000 Series Elevated Cars
Chicago Transit Authority 5054-a.jpg
Delivered 2009-2014
Numbered 5001-5714
Length 48 feet
Width 9' 4"

The Bombardier 5000 Series is a type of railcar built for the Chicago Transit Authority.


In the early 2000's, the oldest railcars on the active CTA roster, the 2200 Series cars, were already over 30 years old, their next-oldest railcars, the 2400 Series cars, were only slightly newer and their newest railcars, the 3200 Series, were ordered to replace older cars on the Brown and Yellow Lines and for the new Orange Line. New cars had to be ordered to accommodate various planned extensions and the expansion of the Brown Line to eight-car consists.


Initially, the 5000 Series was to be an upgraded version of the 3200 Series dubbed the 3500 Series. On April 17, 2002, the CTA issued a Request for Proposals for the manufacture and delivery of the 3500 Series cars, which included a contract for 406 cars, with an option for 300 additional cars. However, this bid was cancelled in December 2002.

The initial order of what now became the 5000 Series for 406 cars, including ten prototypes, which allowed for the retirements of the 2200 Series and 2400 Series cars in 2013 and 2014 respectively, was taken in May 2003. In mid-July 2011, the CTA took an option for 300 additional cars, intended for service expansion and in February 2013, ten additional cars were added to that order.


The 5000 Series cars bear striking resemblances to the 3200 Series cars, but have many features new to CTA railcars, including the use of AC propulsion, aisle-facing seats, security cameras, LED destination signs, GPS systems, non-slip flooring, glow-in-the-dark floor stripes and a hydraulic active vehicle suspension system.


Ten prototype units, 5001-5012, were delivered in 2009. However, only 5003-5012 were actually placed in service, with 5001-5002 remaining at Bombardier. After a series of non-revenue tests, the 5000 Series' inaugural run took place on the Red Line on April 19, 2010. The production units, beginning with 5013-5014, began arriving on June 11, 2011.


  • Length: 48 feet
  • Width at floor: 8' 8"
  • Width at window: 9' 4"

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