Bombardier MultiLevel

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Bombardier MultiLevel
Agence métropolitaine de transport 3016-a.jpg
Years of manufacture 2006 to present
Length 85 feet
Width 10 feet

The Bombardier MultiLevel is a bilevel commuter railcar. It has a tighter clearance than the Bombardier BiLevel, allowing it to fit into more restrictive spaces. Also unlike the BiLevel, the MultiLevel has doors for high platforms in addition to low platforms. These are located near the ends of the cars and lead to the intermediate level.


Faced with increased ridership demand, the cars were developed to increase capacity on New Jersey Transit's busiest rail lines. The MultiLevel was developed with extensive input from customers and employees. New York-based design firm ECCO Design developed an interior space tailored to the needs of commuters and employees.

The first order of 234 cars for New Jersey Transit began delivery in 2006, and the first train of MultiLevel cars entered service on December 11 of that year.[1] Options of 45 and 50 cars were exercised in 2007 and 2008 respectively.

The Agence métropolitaine de transport, also looking to increase capacity and facing clearance concerns, placed an order for 160 MultiLevel cars. The first of which were delivered in 2009[2] and entered service on November 23 on the Mont-Saint-Hilaire Line.

In September 2010, Bombardier announced that they were awarded a new contract by New Jersey Transit for 100 more MultiLevel cars.[3] Known as MultiLevel II, they were delivered in 2012 and 2013. The contract also included an option of 79 more cars. In November 2011, Bombardier announced that the Maryland Transit Administration had purchased 54 MultiLevel cars—exercising contract options that were assigned to them by New Jersey Transit.[4] Known as the MARC VI, the cars were delivered in 2014.


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