Bombardier R142 and Kawasaki R142A

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R142 and R142A subway cars
Metropolitan Transportation Authority 7340-a.jpg
Manufactured 1999 to 2003
Numbered 1101-1250, 6301-7180,
Length 51' 4"
Width 8' 9"
Track gauge 4' 8 1/2"
Metropolitan Transit Authority 7132 interior-a.jpg

The R142 and R142A are a type of subway car built by Bombardier Transportation and Kawasaki Rail Car, respectively, for the New York City Subway. They were built and delivered from 1999 to 2003, and were the first in a series of New Technology Trains for the MTA. The R142 and R142A were built for operation on the subway's A Division (numbered services).



The contract for the R142 and R142A was awarded in 1997. The base order for 1,080 cars was split between Bombardier (680 cars) and Kawasaki (400) cars. The MTA had initially intended to purchase just 740 cars. But through negotiations with the manufacturers, 340 more cars we able to be purchased for the same price. Additional options were taken in 2002 for an additional 580 R142 and R142A cars.[1]

The R142 cars began construction at Bombardier's La Pocatiere facility and were completed at their Auburn and Plattsburgh facilities. The R142A cars began construction by Kawasaki in Japan and were finished at their Lincoln an Yonkers facilities.[1] The first sets of each class were delivered at the end of 1999 and began extensive testing. Once accepted, the first cars entered service in the summer of 2000.


The R142 and R142A have a number of features and elements adopted from the New Technology Train Test Program which saw evaluation of two experimental classes of subway cars—the R110A and R110B. The R142 and R142A use AC traction motors with regenerative braking. The cars are equipped with computer-based communications and diagnostics systems. Inside, a new full-width cab features improved ergonomics for operators. The passenger compartment uses brighter finishes consisting of off-white and pale blue. Audio and visual messages relay information to passengers.[2]

The exterior of the cars are mainly bare stainless steel. The cars' upright sides and rounded roof are similar to the R110A. Also like the R110A, the R142 and R142A have a black accent on the front. On these cars, the black form is more dynamic and complimented by red around the headlights.


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