Bombardier Talent

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Bombardier Talent
Ottawa Carleton Transpo C2.jpg
Years of manufacture 1996 to 2008
Length 34.61 to 66.87 metres
Width 2.93 metres
Max. speed 100 to 140 km/h

The Bombardier Talent was a range of light, modular, multiple unit railcars. Bombardier inherited the Talent design from Waggonfabrik Talbot, which they purchased in 1995. The Talent 2, which is designed to meet the more stringent EN 15227 European crashworthiness standards, has replaced the first-generation Talent.[1]

The Talent may be composed of two to four sections, joined by open gangways, and can be couple to other sets to further add capacity. The railcars were available in multiple floor heights and configurations to accommodate different platform specifications. Because the powered bogies are located under the end sections, they remain raised if the other sections are low floor. The Talent was available with diesel-electric, diesel-hydraulic, diesel-mechanical, and electric drivetrains.




  • Deutsche Bahn
  • Keolis Eurobahn
  • Regiobahn
  • Veolia Verkehr