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An all-time roster of buses owned by the City of Medicine Hat, other than those used by Medicine Hat Transit.

Numbering system

Below is a list of the old fleet numbers used in City of Medicine Hat vehicles. The new numbering system is internal only, so it is difficult to determine which is which.

  • 1-49 are assigned to the Fire Department.
  • 50-99 are assigned to the Police Department.
  • 100-199, 200-299: TBD
  • 300-399 are assigned to Road and Path maintenance vehicles.
  • 400-499, 500-599: TBD
  • 600-699 are assigned to Waste Management.
  • 700-799 are assigned to Medicine Hat Transit. See Medicine Hat Transit numbering system for more details.
  • 1000-series: Mobile Storage.
  • 7000-series: trailers
  • 9000-series: TBD



Fleet Number Thumbnail Year Manufacturer Model Engine Transmission VIN/Serial License Plate Notes
330 Medicine Hat Sunshine Trolley-b.jpg
Interior Medicine Hat Sunshine Trolley Interior-a.jpg
Driver's Area
Medicine Hat Sunshine Trolley Driver Area-a.jpg
1985 GMC P3500 (chassis) Chevy Big Block V8 7.4L (330HP) GMC 4 Speed 1GDKP37W0F3501330 E-75446
  • 34 leather-upholstered bench seating.
  • Acquired in 2019 from Drumheller.
  • Used as a scenic tourist shuttle between various attractions, the Tourist Information Centre, downtown, and various hotels. Route varies week to week.
  • First day of service on September 18, 2019.


Fleet Number Thumbnail Year Manufacturer Model Engine Transmission VIN/Serial License Plate Notes
1044 Medicine Hat Transportation Company 44-a.jpg 1969 GMC TGH-3502 GMC 270 cubic in. Allison AT-540 012
1045 Medicine Hat Transit 752-b.jpg 1976 GMDD T6H-4523N Detroit Diesel 6V71N Allison VH9 C448
  • Used as mobile storage
  • Retired in 2005
  • Currently sitting at Gas City Metals, partially scrapped.
  • Ex. Medicine Hat Transit 752


City of Medicine Hat Logo-a.png



1044, 1045

Public Transit in Medicine Hat
Current Operators

City of Medicine Hat, Medicine Hat Transit, Southland Transportation

Former Operators

Blair's Bus Lines (private)
Medicine Hat Ferry
Medicine Hat Transportation Company (Private)
Redcliff Bus Lines (Private)
Red Cliff - Medicine Hat Bus Company