Community Connector 0445

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Community Connector 0445 is wheelchair accessible.

Community Connector 0445 is a 2004 Gillig Phantom 30' (C21A096N4) bus.

It was originally built for Manatee County Area Transit. In June 2017, the City of Bangor purchased it with funding from the Town of Orono and the University of Maine and became part of the Community Connector fleet.[1][2] It is used on the Black Bear Orono Express route.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination Sign
Cummins ISM Voith 29: American Seating Metropolitan TwinVision Amber LED


Thumbnail Build
VIN License
Status/Disposal Notes
0445 Community Connector 0445-a.jpg 2/26/2004 15GCA211341112345 426 545 Active Ex-Manatee County Area Transit 46453.


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