ElDorado National Axess BRT

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ElDorado National Axess BRT
Blue Water Area Transit 12554-a.jpg
Years of manufacture 2010 to present
Length 30, 32, 35, and 40 feet
Width 102 inches
Power/fuel Diesel,
Diesel-electric hybrid,
Natural gas,
Hydrogen fuel cell,
Battery electric

The ElDorado National Axess BRT is the BRT-styled version of the Axess. It was introduced in 2010, and first trialed with Pace in suburban Chicago. The Axess BRT features a similar front end to the E-Z Rider II BRT, but with a different headlight configuration. The E-Z Rider II BRT and the Axess BRT share the same rear design and are both available with flush-mounted windows.[1]

Funded by the Federal Transit Administration, CALSTART, California Air Resource Board, and California South Coast Air Quality Management District, ElDorado developed a hydrogen fuel cell powered version with BAE Systems for SunLine Transit Agency. Ballard Power Systems supplied their FCvelocity-HD6 fuel cell which works in conjunction with BAE's Systems' HybriDrive propulsion system.[2] The Axess FC was unveiled on November 15, 2011.[3] The University of California, Irvine took delivery of an Axess FC in 2015.[4] The following year, the Stark Area Regional Transit Authority and Orange County Transportation Authority took delivery of their first Axess FC as well.[5][6]

Initially offered in 35 and 40 foot lengths, Pace became the first transit agency to order the Axess BRT in a 30 foot length. In the second half of 2019, ElDorado National was awarded a contract to supply 23 30 foot Axess BRT buses to Pace. This was part of a five-year contract with a provision for 164 buses.[7]

At the end of October 2021, ElDorado announced a battery-electric version of the Axess called the Axess BEB.[8] It was launched at the APTA Expo on November 8, 2021. The Axess BEB uses Cummins' electric drive and battery system.


Length: 35' 1.5" or 40' 1.5"
Width: 102"
Height: 128" (over HVAC) or 136" (over CNG tanks)
Wheelbase: 215" or 275"
Front overhang: 94"
Rear overhang: 118"
GVWR: 43,380 lbs
Engine Emissions Availability
Cummins ISL9 8.9L, 280 hp EPA 2010, OBD13, GHG14, OBD16 2010 to 2017
Cummins ISL G 8.9L, 280 hp EPA 2010, OBD13, GHG14, OBD16 CNG or LNG, 2010 to 2017
Cummins L9 8.9L, 280 hp GHG17 2017 to present
Cummins Westport L9N 8.9L, 280 hp GHG17 CNG or LNG, 2017 to present
Transmission Availability
Allison B400R 2010 to present
Voith D864.5 2010 to 2017
Voith D864.6 2017 to present
ZF 6AP1400B 2010 to present
Full air
Air S-Cam Drum or Air Disc Brakes with ABS
305/70R 22.5
I/O Controls Multiplex - G2A, G3 or G4


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Demonstrator/engineering units

Fleet number Thumbnail Year VIN Engine Transmission Notes
2010 2010
  • 40' built to Pace specifications
  • Displayed at Omaha Metro garage July 2010
  • Later tested with Pace
08/2013 1N9APACL6EC084066 Cummins ISL9 Allison B400R
  • Pace 6395.
  • 2014 model.
  • Altoona test bus from October 8, 2013 to March 12, 2014.
12/2013 1N9APALG7EC084211 Cummins ISL G Allison B400R
  • 2014 model.
  • Altoona test bus from March 27, 2014 to September 10, 2014.
09/2021 1N9APAE68MC084009 Cummins BES Cummins Traction Motor
2023 Cummins L9


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