BC Transit 5495-5498

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7951-7954 were 1966 General Motors Corporation TDH-5304 buses were built for West Suburban Transit Lines of Joliet, Il, U.S.A. Purchased by British Columbia Bureau of Transit Services in mid 1970s and assigned to Surrey Transit Centre. Ownership of units transferred to Metro Transit Operating Company in 1980, then to BC Transit in 1985.

Engine Transmission Differential Seated Capacity Seat Type Rear Door Interior Style Workstation refit Destination Sign
Detroit Diesel 6V71N Allison VH9 53 OTA 220 Bench no no Front only Rollsign


First Fleet
renumbers Provincial
Fleet No.
Thumbnail Date VIN License
Paint Status/System Notes
7951 5495 1966 1124 CMBC Paint Icon bct.gif Retired
7952 5496 1966 1126 CMBC Paint Icon bct.gif Retired
7953 5497 1966 1127 CMBC Paint Icon bct.gif Retired
7954 5498 1966 1267 CMBC Paint Icon bct.gif Retired