Flxible F2D Models

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Flxible F2D Models
MTA New York City Transit museum bus 5117-a.jpg
Years of manufacture 1961 to 1968
Length 31, 33, 35 & 40 feet
Width 102 inches
Power/Fuel Diesel

The Flxible F2D models are a series of American transit buses built from 1961 to 1968. They are part of the first generation of "New Look" buses produced by Flxible.


Model designation is as follows:

  • F: manufactured by Flxible (this dates back to when Flxible purchased the Twin Coach's transit bus line).
  • 2: 102-inch wide bus
  • D: diesel engine.
  • 47: Detroit Diesel 4-71, 6V: Detroit Diesel 6V-71 engine, 6V5: 6V-71 engine and built in Evergreen, AL, 6VT: 6V-71 engine with a T-drive transmission, or V8C: Cummins 165-285 engine.
  • -31: 31-foot, -33: 33-foot, -35: 35-foot, or -40: 40-foot.
  • 1: transversely mounted engine.
  • -1: transit bus or -7: suburban bus.
  • -UL: under-floor luggage bays
  • -AC: air conditioning




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Demonstrator and engineering units

Below is a list of known demonstrator and engineering buses.

Thumbnail Year Serial Engine Transmission Notes
51269 Detroit Diesel 6V71N
51270 Detroit Diesel 6V71N
51271 Detroit Diesel 6V71N
51897 Detroit Diesel 6V71N
51943 Detroit Diesel 6V71N
  • F2D6V401-1 model
  • Sold to Ohio State University 30-204 in 1968.

Preserved coaches

Year Thumbnail Serial Original owner Fleet number Current owner
1962 51509 Southern California Rapid Transit District 5808 Private owner.
1963 51830 King County Metro 598 MEHVA
1964 52203 Metropolitan Transportation Authority 5117 Metropolitan Transportation Authority