Flxible Metro

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Flxible Metro
Years of manufacture 1983 to 1996
Length 30, 35, 40 feet
Width 96, 102 inches
Power/Fuel Diesel, CNG, LNG

The Flxible Metro was a high floor transit bus sold in the United States. Grumman sold Flxible to General Automotive Coporation in 1983 who continued production of the Grumman Metro under the Flxible name.

Production of the Flxible Metro ended in 1996 after Flxible ceased operations.

Generations by letter

A letter designation is often used by transit authorities and enthusiasts to denote the different generations of the Metro. An actual model designation system is listed below.

Letter Photo Produced Description
A Early 1983 to early 1987 The Metro A retained a number of features from the 870 such as flush-mounted or sliding passenger windows and a sloped rear. Exterior changes from the 870 included a four slot grill on the front and a rear side engine grill with a cris-cross pattern. Interior changes included the Transmatic Light System in place of the Luminator system which illuminated the ad racks from behind, and stainless steel overhead standee rails in place of the molded rubber rails.
B Westchester County Bee-Line System 838-a.jpg Early 1987 to early 1992 The size of the sliding sash on the driver's window was increased. Later Metro Bs had a straight back wall instead of a sloped on to accommodate a Carrier HVAC unit.
C TriMet 1717-a.jpg 1992 The straight rear wall was made standard on the Metro C. A side control panel was added to the driver's area, thicker window frames were used for passenger windows, and there was an option for a rooftop HVAC.
D Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority 9830-a.jpg Early 1993 to early 1995 The Metro D featured a larger driver's area, and the the circuit breaker panel was relocated to the top portion of the drivers window.
E Elk Grove Transit 95-575-a.jpg Early 1995 to closing The Metro E was similar to the D, but the rooftop HVAC option was discontinued and a new larger rear HVAC vent was used at the rear..


Initally, model designations carried over from the Grumman Flxible 870:

Length Width Engine type Air conditioning
30 = 30 ft
35 = 35 ft
40 = 40 ft
096 = 96 in
102 = 102 in
-6 = Detroit Diesel 6V71
-8 = Detroit Diesel 8V71
-0 = No air conditioning
-1 = Air conditioning

Following the purchase of Grumman by General Automotive, model naming was revised to clearly identify the engine:

Length Width Engine type Air conditioning
30 = 30 ft
35 = 35 ft
40 = 40 ft
096 = 96 in
102 = 102 in
-4D  = Detroit Diesel Series 50
-6C  = Cummins L10
-6CG  = Cummins L10G
-6C8  = Cummins C8.3
-6CTG = Cummins C8.3G
-6M  = Cummins M11
-6N  = Detroit Diesel 6V71N
-6T  = Detroit Diesel 6V92TA
-6TL  = Detroit Diesel 6V71TA
-8  = Detroit Diesel 8V71N
-0 = No air conditioning
-1 = Air conditioning
Engine hp Transmissions Years
Cummins C8.3 250/275 1993-1995
Cummins C8.3G
Cummins L10 240/270 1984-1991
Cummins L10 CELECT Plus 280 1992-1993
Cummins L10G 240/260 1989-1993
Cummins L10G Alpha 1994-1995
Cummins M11 CELECT Plus 280 1994-1995
Detroit Diesel 6L71TA 230 1990-1992
Detroit Diesel 6V71N 190 1983-1987
Detroit Diesel 6V71TA 225 1983-1989
Detroit Diesel 6V92TA* 253/277 1983-1993
Detroit Diesel 8V71N 250 1983-1984
Detroit Diesel Series 50 DDEC 250/275 1993-1995

* DDEC available from 1987-1993


Flxible made some attempts to rebuild existing new look buses with a Flxible Metro body.

Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority 800 was rebuilt in 1983 as a ABR demonstrator. It was then sold to the Maryland Transit Administration 8381 in 1983 and following retirement returned to Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority. It was then sent to the Ohio Museum of Transportation for preservation.


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Demonstrator/Engineering Units

Below is a list of known demonstrator and engineering buses

Fleet number Thumbnail Year VIN Engine Transmission Notes
? 1982 DD094884 Detroit Diesel 6V92TA Allison V730
  • 40102-6T sliding window demo.
  • Sold to Pace in 1985 as a replacement for 8213 and was numbered 8406.
? 1983 DD094968 Detroit Diesel 6V92TA Allison V730
592 1984 ED095850 Cummins L10 Voith D863.2
? 1984 ED096345 Detroit Diesel 6V71N Allison V730
? July 1984 ED096478 Detroit Diesel 6V92TA 275 hp Allison V730
? 1988 JD099650
  • 40102 Test/Development bus.
  • Sold to Hertz.
1989 1GF5AAKK3KD100406 Detroit Diesel Series 50G Allison VR731RH
  • 40102-6CG CNG Test/Development bus.
  • Repowered with Detroit Diesel engine.
  • Submitted for Altoona Test in 1994.
? Nov. 1989 KD100408 Cummins L10G
  • 40102-6CG CNG Test/Development bus.
? Apr. 1990 LD101352 Detroit Diesel 6V92TA
  • 40102-6T Particulate Trap Test/Development bus.
9504 1991 1GF5FBNK5MD102938 Cummins L10G Voith D864
? Feb. 1993 ND103827 Cummins L10 CELECT
  • 1992 model.
  • 40102-6C Cummins Electronic Control Engine demo.
  • Sold to New Jersey Transit 8083.
? July 1993 PD104198 Detroit Diesel Series 50
? Nov. 1993 PD104198 Cummins C8.3 ZF 4HP590
? Golden Gate Transit 1401-a.jpg Jan. 1994 1GF5ARVK4RD104873 Detroit Diesel Series 50 ZF 5HP590
? Jul. 1994 RD105007 Detroit Diesel Series 50
2000 1994 RD105008
  • 40102-? Customer Satisfaction Bus #2
? Sept. 1994 RD105290 Detroit Diesel Series 50
  • WMATA 40102-4D prototype.
? 1995 SD105009
  • 40102-? Customer Satisfaction Bus #3
  • Body only, not a complete bus
? 1995 SD105010
  • 40102-? Customer Satisfaction Bus #4
? 1995 SD105651
? Jun. 1995 SD106075 Detroit Diesel Series 50G
? Mar. 1996 TD106179

Preserved buses

Year Thumbnail Serial Original owner Fleet number Current owner
1988 JD099525 Greater Portland Transit District 8801 Seashore Trolley Museum
12/1989 20201204 083156-2.jpg KD100809 Southen California RTD 2737 Private owner
1990 Greater Richmond Transit Company 309-a.jpg LD101939 Greater Richmond Transit Company 309 Commonwealth Coach and Trolley
6/1992 1GF5ANPK1ND103468 TriMet 1801 Private owner
1/1994 Golden Gate Transit 1401-a.jpg 1GF5ARVK4RD104873 Golden Gate Transit 1401 Private Owner
1994 1GF5ARVK9RD104898 Golden Gate Transit 1426 Private Owner
1994 1GF5ACUK7RD105224 NJ Transit 1976 New Jersey Transportation Heritage Center
1994 1GF5ARUKXRD104782 NJ Transit 3778 New Jersey Transportation Heritage Center