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Flyer Industries Limited was a bus manufacturer based in Manitoba. It was founded by John Coval in 1930 as the Western Auto and Truck Body Works Ltd.—later changing its name in 1948 to Western Flyer Coach. The company was acquired by the Manitoba Development Corporation, a provincial agency, and changed its name to Flyer Industries Limited in 1971.

By 1985, the Manitoba government was looking to divest itself of Flyer Industries. It was anticipated that the manufacturer would have had to cease operation in the near future without a significant investment from the government. An agreement was reached with Den Oudsten Bussen BV of Holland who would pay $1 million for Flyer Industries's common shares and invest $2,065,000 in the company. The deal closed on July 15, 1986. Flyer Industries changed its name to New Flyer Industries and continues to operate to this day.[1]



Electric Trolley Bus


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