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Foton America, launched in 2008, was the American division of Beiqi Foton Motor Company. Foton America specialized in alternative fuel vehicles, and offered a light-weight diesel-electric hybrid or CNG-powered product. The Foton Canada division of Mcnab Bus Sales dealt with distribution of the buses in Canada.

Foton first displayed a hybrid bus model that was built for a Chinese city at the 2008 Alternative Fuel and Vehicle Expo to showcase their technology. Later that year, the company displayed their CNG L40 model at the 2008 APTA Expo. Another CNG L40 was later submitted for Altoona testing. [1] In 2009, Foton Canada made their first appearance at the CUTA Trans-Expo in Montreal.

In April 2012, Foton American announced they were shutting down. According to Vice President Jared Schnader, the company "needed more internal support to bring everything to fruition."[2]



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