Girardin Minibus G5

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Girardin Minibus G5
Girardin Minibus G5 200
Years of manufacture 2005 to present
Length 252.5 to 310.5 inches
Width 96 inches
Power/Fuel Diesel & Gasonline
Girardin Minibus G5 200

The Girardin G5 is a line of high floor type-A school bus offered on both Ford and GM chassis with dual rear wheels. The G5 is also available in activity and commercial bus configurations. Commercial buses, known as the D-Series have more ergonomic seating with greater seat pitch and other amenities. All configurations are available with a wheelchair lift as an option.

Girardin introduced the G5 at the National Association for Pupil Transportation trade show on November 1st, 2005 in Austin, Texas. Regular production commenced in January 2006, and the first vehicle rolled off the assembly line on February 8th, 2006. The G5 replaced the MB-IV in Girardin's offerings, however the narrow body MB-II remains in production.[1]

In October 2009, Blue Bird and Girardin Minibus entered into a joint venture named Micro Bird. This consolidated Blue Bird's type-C and -D product line with Girardin's type-A product line. Therefore with Blue Bird focusing on their type-C and -D products, their own Type-A Micro Bird was discontinued and replaced by Giradin's type-A products. Through their partnership, Girardin also offers Blue Bird's type-C and -D products.

At BusCon 2010, Blue Bird introduced a propane-powered version of the G5. Built on a Ford chassis, it uses the Ford 6.8L, V-10 engine with the ROUSH liquid propane injection fuel system.

Blue Bird unveiled a battery-electric powered Micro Bird G5 at the 2017 School Transportation News Expo. It is built on the Ford E450 chassis, has a range of up to 100 miles, and can be recharged in six to eight hours.[2]


Model number Chassis Length
MB-IV 100 Ford 252.5 111
GM 263.5
MB-IV 200 Ford 278.5 113
GM 289.5
MB-IV 200C Ford 278.5 118
GM 289.5
MB-IV 300D Ford 310.5 118
MB-IV 900 Ford 310.5 113


Ford chassis

GM/Chevy chassis


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