Goshen Coach GC II 5500

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Goshen Coach GC II 5500
Cornwall Transit 0565-a.jpg
Years of manufacture ? to 2009
Length up to 35 feet
Width 96 inches
Power/Fuel Diesel or Gasoline
Goshen Coach GC II 5500-a.jpg

The Goshen Coach GC II 5500 is a cutaway type bus with seating for 24-39 passengers. It is the larger variant of the GC II. The GC II 5500 is built on either the Ford E-550 or Chevrolet/GMC C5500 chassis.

In 2003, Ford discontinued the E-550 chassis, leaving the GM C5500 chassis the only available chassis for the GC II 5500.

In 2009, GM discontinued the chassis the GC II 5500 was built on as part of a cost cutting measure. Thus, this bus has been discontinued.



  • Length: up to 35'
  • Width: 96"
  • Height: 124"


  • Ford 7.3L (diesel)
  • GM 6.6L (diesel)
  • GM 8.1L (gasoline)



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