Goshen Coach Pacer II

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Goshen Coach Pacer II
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Years of manufacture ? to present
Length 19 to 24 feet
Width 84 inches
Power/Fuel Diesel or Gasoline

The Goshen Coach Pacer II is a cutaway type bus with seating for 8 to 14 passengers. It was built on either a dual rear wheeled Ford E-350, or Chevrolet G3500 chassis. The Pacer II could feature a wheelchair lift, rear luggage storage, or interior luggage racks.



  • Length: 235", 250", 255", 263" or 285"
  • Width: 84"
  • Height: 115"


  • Ford 5.4L (gasoline)
  • Ford 6.8L (gasoline)
  • GM 6.0L (gasoline)
  • GM 6.6L (diesel)


  • Automatic


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