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Groupe Autobus Auger is a Quebec-based company specializing in school bus, paratransit and transit bus operation.


Michel Auger founded Autobus Scolaire de Lévis in 1967, offering school bus services in Lévis, Lauzon and St-David on the south shore of Quebec City. In 1980 Autobus Scolaire de Lévis became Autobus M. Auger. In 1982 Autobus M. Auger started offering paratransit services. Autocars Tradition, operating the St-Augustin-de-Desmaures transit service, was acquired in 2003 by Autobus M. Auger and renamed Autocars Québec.

As of 2010 Groupe Autobus Auger has a fleet of 350 buses operated from 6 garages.

Subsidiary companies

Services operated