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Groupe Gaudreault is a transportation group of companies serving the motocoach, charter, school, and transit sector.


Groupe Gaudreault was founded as Les Autobus Gaudreault Enr. in 1951 by Roméo Gaudreault after acquiring the transit system in the MRC of Joliette. The acquisition included the vehicles previously used. Autobus Gaudreault would later purchase new Prevost coaches and start offering charters. In 1957, they diversify into the school bus market with their first school bus contract.

Autobus Gaudreault purchases Autobus Montcalm from bankruptcy in 1963 and expands Autobus Gaudreault's coverage. In 1985, the company lands a contract to operate intermunicipal service from Joliette. Gaudreault acquires Sabem Inc. and extends their reach into Repentigny. They acquire Aérocar Québec, Murray Hill Inc. (in 1991), and Scobus Inc. Groupe Gaudreault is formed as a holding company for their services.

Groupe Gaudreault obtains the contract to operate the public transit system in the MRC of Les Moulins. Operations start in January 2002 and a bus terminal is built in the Industrial Park of Terrebonne. In February 2005, Groupe Gaudreault's subsidiary Lanau Bus, renews its contract to operate transit in the MRC of l’Assomption.

On June 16, 2005, Groupe Gaudreault acquired Transport Saint-Léonard Inc. of Montréal-East. In November 2006, Groupe Gaudreault's subsidiary Les Transports Fagnant Inc. acquires the assets of TRAM. In June 2007, Groupe Gaudreault sells its Autobus Thomas Inc. subsidiary. Les Autobus Gaudreault Inc. acquires the shares of Les Entreprises R. Plouffe Inc., a school bus operator.

On July 1st, 2009, Groupe Gaudreault begins restructures Transport Saint-Léonard Inc., Autobus de l’Est Inc., Autobus L.M. Inc., Autobus Saint-Léonard Inc., Fiabus Inc., Sécuribus Inc., Transport D.T. Inc., and Garage Michel Vanier Inc. into a sole company called Transport St-Léonard Inc. Scobus (1992) Inc. and Autobus Pellerin (1996) Inc. are also grouped together forming Scobus (1992) Inc. Les Autobus Gaudreault Inc., Les Entreprises Adonias Laurin Inc., and Les Entreprises R. Plouffe Inc. become a sole company named Les Autobus Gaudreault Inc.

In April 2009, Groupe Gaudreault announces the sale of Lanau Com, Lanau Mécano, Les Transports Fagnant, Murray Hill, Sabem and Autobus Lachenaie, and the majority of Lanau Bus which included the transit contracts in Les Moulins and L'Assomption. Groupe Gaudreault retains the contract for the city of Joliette and is operated by Les Autocars Gaudreault. The sale occurs in September and the assets are purchased by Groupe Orléans. By the end of November, Groupe Gaudreault purchases Autobus D’Autray and gains 10 school transportation runs.

On July 1, 2013, Groupe Gaudreault bought Autobus Brissette.

Autocars Gaudreault fleet