Halifax Transit Bayers Road Terminal

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Bayers Road
Bus Symbol.jpg Wheelchair symbol.png
Location Bayers Road Shopping Centre
Desmond Avenue
Number of routes 6

Halifax Transit's Bayers Road Terminal sits on Desmond Avenue, located behind the Village at Bayers Road Shopping Centre, near the corner of Bayers Road and Joseph Howe Drive. The terminal is not a typical terminal, as it just consists of two inbound and two inbound bus stops along Desmond Avenue, but it is referred to by Halifax Transit as a terminal. Routes typically don't layover at this terminal, and often if there's nobody at a stop they don't bother stopping.


  • Three of the terminal's four bus stops have glass shelters with benches. The fourth stop is located by a section of the shopping centre which overhangs part of the sidewalk, providing shelter. This stop has a wooden bench, which due to its rather unfortunate location and arrangement, users are unable to see buses arrive at their stop until it's too late.

Routes servicing this terminal