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Transit Centre
Location Burnside Industrial Park
Opened March 1, 1981
Capacity 185 buses

Halifax Transit's Burnside Transit Centre is the primary garage and administrative building for the transit system. Located at the end of Ilsley Avenue and bordering on the Highway 111, the garage is home to a portion of Halifax Transit's fleet of MCI and NovaBus Classics, Nova LFS Artics and New Flyer D40LFs. Buses are stored in lanes both along the highway side and the rear side of the building, and are backed in along one of the sides. Buses are also stored in lanes inside the garage. Wash racks and fuel stations are located in the garage, as well as a series of maintenance bays along the side end. Buses enter the garage either from Ilsley Avenue, or a dedicated bus-only ramp from Burnside Drive.

The administrative building is home to the administrative offices, including finance and human resources, drivers lounge and locker rooms, and the bus control and dispatching centre. A lost and found department is located in the building as well, which is open to the public.

The facility was called Ilsley Transit Centre until 2010 to differentiate it from the Thornhill Garage, which was also located in Burnside Industrial Park.


Last updated September 25, 2012.

Fleet number range Year range Manufacturer Model Name Total Notes
363-374 2007-2009 Ford E-450 11 For Access-a-Bus paratransit service
375-396 2010-2011 GMC G4500 11 For Access-a-Bus paratransit service
505-507 1999 NFI D30LF 3
928-967 1988-1995 MCI/Nova Bus TC40-102N 26
1001-1114 2002-2007 NFI D40LF 112
600-619 2005 NFI D40LF 20 For MetroLink BRT service
717-724, 732-736 2010 Nova Bus LFS Artic 13

Current total complement: 196

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