Halifax Transit Alderney Gate Ferry Terminal

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Bus & Ferry Terminal
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Location Alderney Drive
Opened 1979
Number of routes (bus) 9

Halifax Transit's Alderney Gate Ferry Terminal, also known as the Dartmouth Ferry Terminal, is located on Alderney Drive in downtown Dartmouth. It operates a daily ferry service between Alderney Gate in Dartmouth and the Halifax ferry terminal. There is also a bus terminal on Alderney Drive, which functions as the primary bus terminal and transfer point for downtown Dartmouth, as well as for passengers transferring from the bus system to the ferry and vice versa.

The ferry terminal building is connected via and escalator and a pedway to Alderney Gate, an office building and library constructed in 1990. The terminal is further connected to Alderney Landing, a theatre, art gallery and farmers market constructed in 1999.

The bus terminal is located on the side of Alderney Drive, with the outbound buses stopping on the Alderney Gate side of the building at two separate stops (to reduce congestion), and the inbound buses stopping across the street in front of the Queen Square office tower.


The ferry terminal.
  • Large passenger waiting area
  • Connected to a public library, performing arts theatre, art gallery and farmers market
  • Passengers can walk from the ferry to the bus stop without ever stepping outside
  • There are no bus shelters on the Alderney Gate side of the street, however Alderney Gate partly over the sidewalk, providing shelter
  • A GoTime display is located inside of Alderney Gate near the bus terminal

Routes servicing this terminal

The bus terminal.