Halifax Transit Lacewood Terminal

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Location Willett Street
Clayton Park
Opened 1991
Number of routes 13

Halifax Transit's Lacewood Terminal sits at the corner of Lacewood Drive and Willett Street in the Clayton Park area, adjacent to a shopping complex. The terminal is located along the side Willett Street, with part of it adjacent to one of the driveways of the shopping centre. In fact, to reach this stop, buses must make a tight turn off of Lacewood Drive into the shopping centre parking lot.

The terminal was originally intended to be a temporary terminal, until a proper one could be constructed in the area, however plans were either put on hold or scrapped altogether, as this has been the terminal since the 1990's. The terminal is very small in size, offers very little in the way of seating and has a generally unfinished look to it. A number of rush hour only routes service this terminal, and it can be very busy during the day due to the terminal's small size.


  • Two glass shelters with a bench in each are provided, however only on the Willett Street side of the terminal; there are no shelters or benches on the other side of the terminal adjacent to the shopping centre driveway. As such, passengers waiting for a bus on that side typically must stand out in the rain, or risk missing their bus, as the entire driveway side stop is not visible from the shelters.
  • A GoTime display is provided at this terminal so passengers can check departure times.
  • Very few benches are provided.

Routes servicing this terminal