Halifax Transit route 159 'Portland Hills Link'

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Portland Hills Link
Discontinued Route
Created 2005
Length (one-way) 10 km
Types of Buses Used New Flyer D40LF
Mid-day/Evening 60 min.
Peak periods 10 min.
Late-night No service
Saturday No service
Sunday No service

Halifax Transit route 159 'Portland Hills Link' was one of the first two MetroLink BRT routes created, providing limited stop service between the Portland Hills Terminal in Cole Harbour, and downtown Halifax (Scotia Square). The route also serviced the Penhorn, Alderney and Bridge terminals. There were no other stops along this route.

In November 2021, the Portland Hills MetroLink became the final Link route to be removed from service. The MetroLink was phased out as part of Halifax Transit's Moving Forward Together Plan, in favour of rush hour express routes due to low ridership. The Portland Hills Link was replaced by new routes 159 Colby, 161 North Preston, 165 Caldwell and 168 Cherry Brook, all express routes travelling between Downtown and Portland Hills Terminals at peak times.

Terminals and Major Stops

The route 159 services the following terminals and major stops:

Destination Signs

Destination Sign Description
to Scotia Square
to Portland Hills Terminal


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