Halifax Transit route 41 'Dartmouth-Dalhousie'

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Halifax Transit Logo.png
Dartmouth - Dalhousie
Created 2006
Length (one-way) 7 km
Types of Buses Used New Flyer D40LF
Mid-day/Evening 20 min.
Peak periods 20 min.
Late-night No service
Saturday No service
Sunday No service

Halifax Transit route 41 'Dartmouth - Dalhousie' is a university route, operating during the academic calender months, providing service from the Bridge Terminal in Dartmouth to the Dalhousie Terminal at Dalhousie University via Barrington Street and South Street. The route was introduced in 2006 to coincide with the introduction of the U-Pass, a heavily discounted student bus pass originally offered only to Dalhousie University students, but since opened to additional school.

Terminals and Major Stops

The route 41 services the following terminals and major stops:

Destination Signs

41 DARTMOUTH - outbound (Classics)

41 BRIDGE TERMINAL - outbound (LFS and D40LF)

41 DALHOUSIE - inbound