Halifax Transit route 4 'Rosedale'

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Discontinued Route
Created 1949
Discontinued 2018
Length (one-way) 21 km
Types of Buses Used New Flyer D40LF
Mid-day/Evening 30 min.
Peak periods 30 min.
Late-night 30 min.
Saturday 30 min.
Sunday 60 min.

Halifax Transit route 4 'Rosedale' was a heavily used route that ran from the Lower Water Street terminal in downtown Halifax, up North Street and Chebucto Road to Clayton Park (Wedgewood) servicing Mumford Terminal, Lacewood Terminal, Joeseph Howe Drive and Rosedale Avenue.

It was often used as a quick method of getting from downtown Halifax to Mumford Terminal and the Halifax Shopping Centre, as it took a much more direct route than routes 1, 14 and former route 20. Between Lower Water Street and Mumford Terminal, route 4 followed the same routing as the former route 2, which also operated on 30-minute frequency opposite the route 4. Together the two routes provided 15-minute service from Lower Water Street to Mumford Terminal.

In 2018, the route 4 was discontinued and partially replaced by the new Route 2, as part of Halifax Transit's Moving Forward Together Plan. A new route 4 was created with the changes, but does not service the same areas.

Terminals and Major Stops

The route 4 serviced the following terminals and major stops:

  • Lacewood Terminal
  • Bayers Road Terminal
  • Mumford Terminal
  • Scotia Square (Barrington & Duke Streets)
  • Lower Water Street Terminal

Destination signs

Destination Sign Description
Inbound to Downtown Halifax
Outbound to Rosedale

Route map

Metro Transit route 4.gif