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Inbus AID280FT
Azienda Consortile Trasporti Veneziani, S.p.A 808-a.jpg
Years of manufacture 1977 to 1987
Inbus U210 FT
ACTT 128-a.jpg

Inbus was founded in 1977 from the union of Breda Costruzioni Ferroviarie di Pistoia , De Simon from Osoppo (Udine), Sicca from Vittorio Veneto (Treviso) and Sofer from Naples, mainly to counter Iveco which had acquired the commercial vehicles sector of FIAT.

The Inbus has created several models of buses (U210, U150), suburban (S210) and intercity (I210, I240, I330) including the most popular model which was the Sicca U210. The U210 equipped with a Fiat engine of 9.572 litres in the rear, with a relatively low floor height and good turning radius, was a resounding success with public transport companies all over Italy. The robustness of the model is demonstrated by the fact that following their withdrawal from public service in Milan the U210 buses were donated to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees which use them to transport refugees in the Balkans.

In 1981 Inbus was entrusted by the public transport company of Cagliari (ACT), to build what has become the only model trolleybus product of the consortium: the model F140.

The consortium was disbanded in 1987; however, the Inbus models remained in production under the name of Bredabus. In 1989 Bredabus was then combined with Menarini of Bologna and renamed BredaMenarinibus, a division of Finmeccanica.


City Buses

  • U210
  • U150
  • U210 FT
  • U210 FT-N
  • U240 FT
  • AU280 (snodato)


  • S210
  • S150
  • S150 FT
  • S210 FT
  • S210 FT-N
  • AS280 (snodato)


  • I210
  • ID210FT-N
  • I240
  • I240DT
  • I330
  • I210 FT-N
  • AID280

Touring Coaches

  • SL330


  • F140