Iowa City Transit 56-61

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Iowa City Transit 56-61 is wheelchair accessible.
Interior layout of 56-61.

Iowa City Transit 56-61 are 2007 Gillig Low Floor 40' (G21D102N4) buses. These buses were originally delivered without rear destination signs, but were later retrofitted with them.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination Sign
Cummins ISM American Seating Metropolitan Hanover
(prev. TwinVision Amber LED)


Thumbnail Build
VIN[1] License Plate Status/Disposal Notes
56 Iowa City Transit 56-a.jpg 2007 15GGD211X71077476 LD0233 Active
57 Iowa City Transit 57-a.jpg 2007 15GGD211171077477 LD0231 Active
58 Iowa City Transit 58-b.jpg 2007 15GGD211371077478 LD0239 Active
59 Iowa City Transit 59-b.jpg 2007 15GGD211571077479 LD0229 Active Tracks incorrectly as 37.
60 Iowa City Transit 60-a.jpg 2007 15GGD211171077480 LD0230 Active
61 Iowa City Transit 61-b.jpg 2007 15GGD211371077481 Active


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