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Service type Express
Number of Branches 2
Types of Buses Used XD40 LFS
Related Routes 12

Routes 601 and 602 are express routes operated by Kingston Transit in the city of Kingston, Ontario, Canada. They make up part of the Kingston Express bus network.

Route Details

This route is a north-south route that connects the suburbs of Kingston east of the Great Cataraqui River to Downtown Kingston. Running mainly along Highways 2 and 15, the route serves Queen's University, Downtown, Wolfe Island Ferries, Rogers K-Rock Centre, Rideau Town Centre, and the Innovation Drive Park & Ride. Buses are signed as 601 going southbound, and as 602 going northbound.

As this route is an express route, buses only make a limited number of stops along the route (relative to overlapping local service).


This route has two branches.

  • 601 (Innovation Drive-Rideau Town Centre-Downtown-Queen's/KGH)
  • 602 (Queen's/KGH-Downtown-Rideau Town Centre-Innovation Drive)


As per the City of Kingston Transit Redevelopment Plan, Phase 2 would see the implementation of two new express routes. The initial report showed route 601/602 (initially as Express Route 2) as a circular route, running via Division Street, Montreal Street, and Highway 15, utilizing Highway 401 to travel between Montreal and Highway 15. In addition, the original plan omitted the service to Rideau Town Centre, instead, buses would have stayed on Highway 15 all the way to Highway 401. The routing plan was later amended, omitting the routing via Highway 401, giving the routing on Division Street to Express Route 3 (later the 701 and 702), and adding service on Gore Road and Rose Abbey Drive.

Routes 601 and 602 were implemented in May 2015. The implementation of this route resulted in the removal of route 12A and the cut-back of route 12 to Rideau Town Centre.

Routes 601 and 602 originally reached Queen's University/Kingston General Hospital via King and Stuart streets. Due to construction on Stuart Street in late-September 2015, buses detoured via Brock Street and University Avenue, with a then-temporary stop at Union Street/University Avenue. It was later found that this routing better served students from Queen's University, and as a result this detour was made permanent by mid-October 2015.

As a result of rider requests, route 601/602's routing through the Innovation Drive area was modified on August 8, 2017. Buses now make a counter-clockwise loop via Innovation Drive, Discovery Avenue, and John Marks Avenue. A new stop was added opposite of the current Innovation Drive P&R stop, and the stops for 695 Innovation and John Marks Avenue were moved to the opposite sides of the intersections.

Sunday hours of operation for routes 601/602 were extended to the equivalent of Saturday service in September 2017.

As part of the May 2018 service changes, routes 601/602 will have their rush hour frequencies increased to 10 minutes.


Routes 601 and 602 primarily use New Flyer XD40 and Nova LFS buses painted in the Kingston Express scheme. Rarely, a rush hour tripper may use any regular bus in Kingston Transit's fleet.


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