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Service type Base/Industrial
Number of Branches 1
Types of Buses Used D40LF/R XD40 LFS
Related Routes None

Kingston Transit route 7 is an accessible route operated by Kingston Transit in the city of Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Route Details

Route 7 starts in the Rideau Heights neighbourhood. After making a loop through the community, the route travels to the Kings Crossing retail area on Division Street. From there it heads west on John Counter Boulevard, passing by the Bus Terminal and the Train Station, to Princess Street. It then travels west on Princess Street to the Cataraqui Town Centre.

From the Cataraqui Centre it heads north to the Invista Centre, its terminus, via Midland Avenue, Cataraqui Woods Drive, and Gardiners Road.

Route 7 is an important route for network connectivity. It is the only route that provides a direct link between the Division & 401 area and the Cataraqui Centre area, which are two of the city's most important development hubs. Despite this it has low ridership as many of the areas it runs through are sparsely developed.


The route runs from 6:15am to 11:15pm every day, and maintains a 30-minute service frequency at all times. Route 7 along with route 12 are the only local routes in Kingston that operate continuously at 30-minute frequencies; other local routes drop to hourly frequencies on evenings and Sundays.

The scheduled travel time is 38 minutes from end to end--15 minutes from Rideau Heights to the Bus Terminal, 15 minutes from the Bus Terminal to the Cataraqui Centre, and then 8 minutes from the Cataraqui Centre to the Invista Centre.


Not much is known about route 7's history except for the fact that it was introduced between mid-2012 and early-2013, replacing route A service between the Cataraqui Centre and Invista Centre, and route C service between the Kingston Bus Terminal and the Clyde Industrial Park.

Sunday hours of operation for route 7 were extended to the equivalent of Saturday service in September 2017.

As part of the May 2018 service changes, route 7 now serves the Rideau Heights community. Its former routing through the Clyde Industrial Park was given back to route C, now numbered route 16.


Route 7 is primarily a 40ft route, and uses New Flyer D40LF/D40LFR, New Flyer XD40, and Nova LFS.

Major Stops

  • Invista Centre: Western Terminus.
  • Cataraqui Centre: Connection to routes 4, 6, 10, 11, 14, 15, 501, 502, 701, 702.
  • Kingston Gospel Temple: Connection to routes 4, 14, 501, 502.
  • John Counter Boulevard, 2nd east of Princess Street: Stop for Kingston VIA Rail station. Connection to Kingston Transit routes 16, 18, VIA Rail trains to Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Commuter runs
  • Kingston Bus Terminal: Eastbound buses use John Counter Boulevard (South side) stop, Westbound buses use Leeroy Grant (East side) stop. Connection to routes 2, 16, 18.
  • King's Crossing: Connection to routes 1, 2, 701, 702.
  • Guthrie/Joyce: Eastern Terminus. Connection to route 1, 2.
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