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Leamington Transit is the transit system serving the Municipality of Leamington, Ontario and is the southernmost transit system in Canada. It operates one route year round from 7AM to 7PM. Operation is contracted to Switzer-Carty Transportation


  • C.A. Bailey Ltd operated the transit service from December 29, 1980 until August 1, 2014.


The current Regular Route operates Monday to Saturday from 7AM to 7PM. It is a more direct, linear route with service in both directions for the most part. This route also replaces the special routes that operated from the Marina. See link for map and schedule).

A "Erie Summer Route" that runs along Erie Street between Wilkinson Drive and the Marina/Waterfront area operates Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays from the Friday before Victoria Day up to and including Labour Day.


Until June 1, 2012, Leamington Transit operated one "Regular Route" which was a large one-way loop of the town. It operated Monday to Saturday from 9AM to 5PM. On Fridays from 5PM to 7PM and on Saturdays from 9AM to 6PM in the months of July and August only, two special routes (Erie/Danforth and Sherk/Erie) would operate from the Marina. The Regular Route would be replaced by these routes on Saturday.


  • Adults - $2.00 or $35.00 pass
  • Students (over 12) - $1.50
  • Seniors (60+) - $1.75 or $30.00 pass
  • Children (12 and under) - $1.00




  • Phone: 519-326-5761

Fleet roster


Fleet number(s) Thumbnail Year Manufacturer Model Engine Transmission Notes
LTGO01-LTGO02 2022 Alexander Dennis Enviro200


Operated by C.A. Bailey

Fleet number(s) Thumbnail Year Manufacturer Model Engine Transmission Notes
68 1971 GMC TDH-3301 Ex-Chatham Transit 168.
78 1963 GMDD TDH-4519
  • Ex-London Transit 81-1. (prev. 1)
  • Now stored in Southwestern Ontario Heritage Village off Essex County Highway 23.
181 Leamington Transit 181-a.jpg 1991 OBI Orion 01.507 Detroit Diesel 6V92TA Allison
  • The last Orion I produced for the Ontario market.
275 Leamington Transit 275-a.jpg 2001 Ford/Girardin E450 Ford Power Stroke 6.0L Diesel Ford TorqShift 5R110W
376-377 Leamington Transit 376-b.jpg 2012 Glaval Titan II LF GM Duramax 6.6L GM 6L90
6 speed automatic

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