Marquette Bus Service

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Marquette Bus Service was the previous transit provider for the city of Marquette in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Service was later surrendered to Marquette County Transit Authority in the 1970's.


Timeline of important events

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Fleet Roster

Fleet Number(s) Thumbnail Year Manufacturer Model Engine Transmission Notes
1-3 1978 Flxible 35096-6-1 Detroit Diesel 6V71N To Marquette County Transit Authority 101-103.
100 Ford Transit Ex-LaPeer, MI?
101 GMC TGH-3101 Ex-Sioux City Transit #?
102 GMC TGH-3102 Ex-Sioux City Transit #?
103-104 GMC PD-4103
105 1953 GMC TDH-4509
106-107 1951-52 GMC TDH-4509
108-112 Silver Eagle