Metro Transit (Minnesota) Martin J. Ruter Garage

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Martin J. Ruter Garage (abbreviated as "Ruter" or "MJ Ruter Garage" on headsigns) is one of 5 Metro Transit bus garages. It is located at 6845 Shingle Creek Parkway in Brooklyn Center, a suburb immediately north of Minneapolis. It is the only Metro Transit garage not directly accessible by regular route service.


MJ Ruter Garage opened in 1975 in a converted warehouse. It was expanded in 1986. The garage is named for a Twin Cities Lines operator who served for 50 years.[1] The garage also operates Maple Grove Transit routes and maintains Maple Grove Transit buses.

MJ Ruter is the last garage in the system, as well as the last bus garage in North America, to operate New Flyer D60HFs in revenue service. The D60s that are assigned to Ruter are the last high-floor articulated buses built in North America.

In August 2018, the State of Minnesota launched an investigation over diesel that leaked into surrounding soil.[2]


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Fleet number range Manufacturer Model Total Notes
1100 series Gillig Gillig BRT 40' (G27D102N4)
1540-1554 Gillig Gillig BRT 40' (G27D102N4) 15
1640-1664 Gillig Gillig Low Floor 40' 25
1815, 1816 Gillig Gillig Low Floor 40' 2
3200, 3202-3214 New Flyer D60 14
  • Currently being retired
  • 3201 retired, auctioned off, and scrapped
3230-3239 New Flyer D60LFR 10
3430-3449 New Flyer XD60 20