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Metrolinx logo (2017).png
Area served Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area
Ottawa, ON
Founded April 24, 2006
Headquarters 97 Front Street West
Toronto, Ontario
M5J 1E6
Executive Phil Verster, President & CEO

Metrolinx is a crown agency responsible for the coordination and integration public transportation in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA).[1]


Metrolinx was created on April 24, 2006 as the Greater Toronto Transportation Authority by the Government of Ontario. The Metrolinx name and identity were adopted in December 2007. Metrolinx was given the mandate to develop and implement a regional transportation plan for the GTHA. The Big Move was published in November 2008.

Metrolinx assumed responsibility for the management and implementation of a GTHA-wide electronic farecard. Known as Presto the card was gradually rolled out beginning in 2009. The card was also implemented on Ottawa's OC Transpo as of 2012.

In March 2009, it was announced that GO Transit and Metrolinx would be merged to expedite public transit development in the GTHA. Politicians on the Metrolinx board would be replaced with experts in the industry. The merger occurred on May 14, 2009.[2]

Metrolinx assumed responsibility for the design, construction, and operation of train service to Pearson Airport after SNC-Lavalin terminated their public-private partnership in 2010, citing financial difficulties.[3] The Union Pearson Express was presented as part of Metrolinx's next wave of Big Move projects in 2012.[4]


  • GO Transit - Inter-regional rail and bus service in the GTHA.
  • Presto - A "smart" fare card used in the GTHA and Ottawa.
  • Union Pearson Express (UP) - A rail service between Union Station and Pearson Airport. Originally called the Air Rail Link.


The Big Move

The Big Move is an initiative to fund rapid transit improvements and expansion projects for the GTHA. This regional transportation plan was published by Metrolinx on November 28, 2008 and included initiatives such as funding for Light Rail Transit in Toronto, vivaNext rapidways, Mississauga Transitway, and the Hurontario-Main LRT.

The Big Move was updated on February 14, 2013, to better reflect current priorities and the long-term transportation goals of the GTHA. Various transit proposals were moved between the Top 15 Transit Priorities, the 15-year plan, and the 25-year plan.

It should be noted The Big Move is in no relation to the GO 2020 Strategic Plan, however both projects are considered vital to promoting transportation and economic growth in the GTHA.

Transit Procurement Initiative

The Transit Procurement Initiative helps municipalities across Ontario save costs by coordinating their transit purchase and delivery. The unit cost of new buses is reduced, allowing the savings to be returned to taxpayers or the transit agency.


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Metrolinx logo (2017).png
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