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Not to be confused with Metro Transit in Kalamazoo, MI.

Metropolitan Transit was an agency that provided service to the western and Downriver suburbs of Detroit, including Allen Park, Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, Inkster, Lincoln Park, Riverview, Southgate, Taylor, Wayne, and Westland.


[1] In early 1962, Bert Jasper, the final president of the Intertown Suburban Lines when that agency shut down on December 31, 1961, managed to gather together ten investors; obtain the proper approvals; acquire some ex-Intertown buses; and formed Metropolitan Transit. After six long months of idle buses, service would resume on February 19, 1962, with 60 buses, all based out of the Dearborn Garage. Although some routes were immediately eliminated, new service was later added. During the mid-1960s, Metro Transit contracted with the Ford Motor Company to shuttle workers within the Rouge auto plant and to also transport tourists from Greenfield Village to plant tours through the Ford Rouge complex. Ironically, buses used for the shuttles were actually New Looks built by General Motors Corporation, though the GM badge was replaced by the bus number and a large Ford logo bolted on the sides, likely attempts to hide GM identifications. By 1968, the Metro bus fleet had increased to 78 coaches operating along 14 bus routes.

On January 1, 1974, Metro Transit was acquired by Southeastern Michigan Transportation Authority. Today, Metro Transit routes are serviced by Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation's 1xx and 2xx routes.


Dearborn Garage

Acquired by SEMTA 1974, replaced by Wayne Terminal in 1979.


Bus Roster

Fleet number(s) Thumbnail Year Manufacturer Model Engine Transmission Notes
1-2 1962 GMC TDH-5301 To SEMTA, same numbers.
3-8 1963 GMC TDH-5303 To SEMTA, same numbers.
9-13 1964 GMC TDH-5303 To SEMTA, same numbers.
14-18 1965 GMC TDH-5303 To SEMTA, same numbers.
19-23 1966 GMC TDH-5303 To SEMTA, same numbers.
24-28 1967 GMC TDH-5303 To SEMTA, same numbers.
29-36 1968 GMC T6H-5305 To SEMTA, same numbers.
37-46 1972 GMC T8H-5307A Owned by SEMTA and leased to Metro Transit.
101-102 1965 GMC SDM-5302 To SEMTA, same numbers.
103-105 1962 GMC PD-4106
  • Ex-Hausman; bought in 1974.
  • To SEMTA, same numbers.
2010-2011 1960 GMC TDH-4517
  • Ex-Intertown; bought in 1962.
  • To SEMTA, same numbers.
2012-2013 1964 GMC TDH-4519 To SEMTA, same numbers.
2014-2017 1965 GMC TDH-4519 To SEMTA, same numbers.
2018-2019 1967 GMC TDH-4519 To SEMTA, same numbers.
2020-2021 1969 GMC T6H-4521 To SEMTA, same numbers.