Motor Coach Industries A-Series

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Motor Coach Industries A-Series
MCI 102-A3
Years of manufacture 1985 to 1992
Length 40 feet
Width 96 or, 102 inches
Power/Fuel Diesel
MCI 102-A3

The Motor Coach Industries A-Series was a line of coaches manufactured in the 1980's and into the early 1990's. They came in a variety of models that were distinguished by width and axle configuration.

Building upon their very popular MC-9, MCI introduced the new A-Series at the 1984 American Bus Association convention. It had taller passenger windows and a more sloped front end with larger windshield. The A-Series also made use of contemporary squared headlights and tail lights. A width of 96 inches was introduced first, closely followed by a width of 102 inches. Coaches could be built with either two axles or three. Inside, the A-Series featured redesigned parcel racks that emulated those on aircraft and new passenger service sets. The driver's area was larger and featured a new instrument panel design.

A handful of sightseeing models were produced. These coaches had windows along the roof line above the side windows. Academy Bus Lines and Coach USA/Gray Line ran such models.

Model Number Breakdown

Model Number Length
96-A2 40' 96" two axles, no lavatory
96-A3 40' 96" three axles
102-A2 40' 102" two axles, no lavatory
102-A3 40' 102" three axles


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