Motor Coach Industries D4500CT

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Motor Coach Industries D4500CT
Years of manufacture 2005 to present
Length 45 feet
Width 102 inches
Power/Fuel Diesel or CNG
MCI D4500CT New Rear Cap

The Motor Coach Industries D4500CT was a commuter and charter motorcoach available in Canada and the United States. In 2005, MCI redesigned their D-Series coach. The D4500CT inherited the headlights from the G-Series and was available with optional flush-mounted passenger windows. Fluted stainless steel sides were also an option.

The D series was initially sold exclusively to charter operators, but soon became a favorite with commuter fleets across the country, with charter operators instead opting for the more stylish J4500. Although the D4500CT was scheduled to be phased out at the end of the 2022 model year in favor of the new D45 CRT high floor commuter coach, MCI continued to build these coaches in Pembina into the 2023 model year with several short runs for operators, coincidentally all located in upstate New York.

Design Changes

Coaches meeting the EPA 2007 and 2010 standards sported a redesigned rear end incorporating changes to the engine cooling system for each emission standard. Coaches meeting the EPA 2010 standards were also equipped with a selective catalytic reduction system that includes a 15 gallon diesel exhaust fluid tank.[1]

Likely as a request from New Jersey Transit, their 2014 batch of D4500CT coaches were delivered with redesigned headlights. This simplified design has three round LED clusters arranged in a gently curving row. Other operators, such as Broward County Transit and GO Transit have adopted the same headlights.

Alternative propulsion

A diesel-electric hybrid version of this coach, dubbed the D4500CTH, made its debut in 2007. Houston METRO was the launch customer. New Jersey Transit bought a number of these buses as well.

In April 2010, MCI began touring a CNG-powered commuter coach. The coach was leased from New Jersey Transit and updated with a newer 8.3 litre Cummins CNG engine. In addition, a new coach was built with an 8.9 litre EPA 2010-compliant Cummins CNG engine and shown to multiple transit agencies. MCI wanted to gauge the market for the coach and show off the benefits of CNG.[2] The tour ended a few moths later, and in October, MCI announced a CNG power option would be available on 2011 coaches.[3]



Canada Flag of Canada.png

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Demonstrator and engineering units

Below is a list of known demonstrator and engineering buses

Thumbnail Build
VIN Engine Transmission Notes
  • White with blue streak and planetary theme
  • Displayed at 2005 APTA Expo
2006 1M8PDMDA26P057072 Caterpillar C13 Allison B500
  • EPA2007-compliant
  • Submitted for Altoona test December 2006
2007 1M8PDMEA77P057830 Cummins ISM Allison B500R To Potomac and Rappahannock Transportation Commission 374.
2008 1M8PDMEA68P058436 Cummins ISM Allison B500
  • Medium blue with 75th anniversary scheme
  • D4505-type front bumper
  • Displayed at 2008 APTA Expo
2008 1M8PDMEA29P058774 Cummins ISM Allison B500R
Mar. 2009 1M8PDMEA19P058992 Cummins ISM Allison B500
  • White with green and burgundy leaf with sweeps scheme
  • Displayed at 2009 CUTA Trans-Expo
  • White with green earth with leaves and flowers scheme
  • Displayed at OTE 2010
2010 Cummins Westport ISL G Allison B500R CNG-powered demo
  • White with blue waves and grey skyline scheme
  • Displayed at 2010 CUTA Trans-Expo
  • Displayed at 2012 CUTA Trans-Expo
Nov 2010 1M8PDMAA1BP059653 Cummins ISL9 Allison B500
  • 2011 model
  • White with Motor Coach Industries lettering
  • Given house scene decals in 2011
  • Displayed at 2011 APTA and CUTA expos.
  • Sold to Rabbit Transit 416 in May 2013.
59654D Nov 2010 1M8PDMBA5BP059654 Cummins ISX11.9 Allison B500
  • 2011 model
  • White with Motor Coach Industries lettering and american flag graphics
  • Demo with New York MTA spring 2011
  • Displayed at OTE 2012.
  • Sold to Rabbit Transit 415 in May 2013.
13117D 2014 1M8PDMBA7EP013117 Cummins ISX
  • White with blue and grey sweeping lines
  • Commuter spec, 57 Amaya-Astron Torino seats, with indigo and tan interior
  • Sold to Upstate Transit in Saratoga Springs, NY
13284 2014 1M8PDMBA4EP013284 Cummins ISX
  • White
  • Displayed at 2014 CUTA Trans-Expo
  • CNG-powered
  • White with blue and green sweeps
  • Displayed at 2014 APTA Expo
13311 2014 1M8PDMBA3EP013311 Cummins ISX
13895 2015 1M8PDM3A0FP013895 Cummins ISX-G
  • CNG-powered
  • White with green and blue environmental-themed graphics
  • Displayed at 2016 APTA Bus & Paratransit Conference
  • Demonstrated with Ontario Northland from July 2017
  • To River Valley Transit 1401 in March 2018
13928 2015 1M8PDM8AXFP013928


Detroit Diesel DD13

Cummins ISX-12

Allison B500 Originally equipped with Detroit Diesel engine; Cummins engine installed after accident in 2019.