Motor Coach Industries J4500

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Motor Coach Industries J4500
MCI J4500
Years of manufacture 2001 to present
Length 45 feet
Width 102 inches
Power/Fuel Diesel
MCI J4500

The Motor Coach Industries J4500 is a luxury tour and charter coach sold in Canada and the United States. It was introduced to the motorcoach market at the 2001 UMA Expo in Atlantic City[1] and is now MCI's best selling coach. The J4500 also led the industry in coach sales for the first quarter of 2011.[2] Cline Tours, a longtime MCI customer, took delivery of the 10,000th J4500 coach built in August 2022.[3]

Design history

For a detailed history of the J4500, see the MCI J-Series page.

The J4500 was developed to address the demand for a coach that was as attractive as the E-Series, but had less complex and expensive features. The majority of the E-Series' exterior, designed by DesignworksUSA, was carried over to the J4500. Some of the minor differences included front marker lights, windshield, and rear end.

The coach uses a semi-monocoque stainless steel structure with fibreglass body panels and doors. It is powered by an EPA 2017 Cummins X12 diesel engine as standard. The EPA 2017 Detroit Diesel DD13 engine was an option until the 2021 model year when MCI no longer advertised it, although some 2021 coaches were built with the DD13. An Allison automatic transmission is standard. An automated manual ZF AS Tronic was at one time an option, but not offered as of the 2016 model year.

For the 2015-model year, independent front suspension replaced the solid beam front axle on the J4500. In addition, a new brake system from Bendix offers the option of adaptive cruise control.

Inside, the J4500 can accommodate 56 passenger seats. An interior redesign for the 2018 model-year has allowed for a gain of an extra four seats. Handrails and parcel racks doors have finishes that resist scratches smudges and abrasions. The parcel rack integrates` with the front interior cap for a clean look. The driver's instrument panel makes use of a thin film transistor LCD screen. The left side console has a flexible cup holder and a place for a cell phone or personal items.

An option for variable RGB LED lighting is available that illuminates the J4500's characteristic curved entranceway. This can be expanded with mood lighting for the passenger cabin. A number of colours is available and custom combinations can be programmed. Dimming is also an option. A LED "puddle light", which projects a customized logo onto the ground, can be specified by the door.

Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic causing an industry-wide drop in demand for luxury coaches and the use of the Winnipeg production lines to fulfill a commuter coach order for New Jersey Transit, production of the J4500 coach was on hiatus for the 2022 model year. Coaches for the 2023 model year became available in the spring of 2022.


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Anniversary Edition

In 2008, MCI announced a J4500 Anniversary Edition (J4500LX) that would be produced to mark 75 years of coach-building excellence. It was previewed at the UMA Expo in San Francisco.


  • Cummins ISM 10.8-liter, 410 hp Engine
  • Designworks USA-styled aluminum wheels
  • shiny chrome mirrors with built-in turn signals
  • conversion-style exterior lighting
  • seating with larger headrests, leather piping, and a more stylish profile
  • new wide-ride suspension and handling package with ABS, Electronic Stability Control System, Automatic Traction Control and Roll Stability Control
  • Reverse Sensing
  • SmartWave tire-pressure monitoring
  • Blaupunkt entertainment package - 15 tweeters, dual subwoofers, in-dash DVD player, six video monitors, audio inputs including iPod dock
  • 110V outlets approximately every third row
  • configured for wireless Internet service, and acceptance for satellite television / radio
  • LED aisle lighting
  • E4500 steering wheel and upgraded instrumentation panel


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Demonstrator units

Thumbnail Year VIN Engine Transmission Notes
2001 1M83JMPA81P061686
  • Built in Pembina, despite Winnipeg serial number.
  • To Wills Bus Lines 230; bought in January 2002.
2003 2M93JMWA73W062327 To Brewster 327 in 2003.
62358 2004 White with "Motor Coach Industries" on sides
2006 White with red & blue curved lines and a maple leaf
  • White
  • Displayed at 2006 CUTA Trans-Expo
2007 Blue
2007 White with "Motor Coach Industries" on side
2008 Blue with 75th anniversary graphics
2008 Cummins ISM
  • Anniversary Edition
  • Blue with nature themed wrap
  • Displayed at 2008 APTA Expo
  • Raised roof and chrome mirrors
  • Silver wrap "The MCI Driving Experience"
2009 Red with Gold & Black curved lines
  • White with Blue/Grey curved lines
  • MCI 'Waterfall' Logo on sides just above rear wheels
65358D 2010 White with blue and grey waves
  • White with large blue and grey waves
  • Displayed at 2010 OTE
  • White with MCI logo
  • Displayed at 2010 CUTA Trans-Expo
D65917 2011
  • American flag graphics
  • Displayed at 2011 CUTA Trans-Expo
2011 Cummins ISX11.9 Allison B500
  • Dark blue with "Reliability Driven" on sides
  • Displayed at 2012 UMA Expo and OTE
66251D 2012 2013 model
66283D 2012 2MG3JM8A1DW066283 Daimler DD13 Allison B500R
66747 2014 2MG3JMBA3EW066747 Cummins ISX12 Allison B500R Sold to Jefferson Lines 1909.
66792 2014 2MG3JM8A9EW066792 Daimler DD13 Allison B500R White with blue interior and wood veneer parcel racks.
66953 Motor Coach Industries J4500 Demonstrator 66953-a.jpg 2014 2MG3JMBA6EW066953 Cummins ISX12 Allison B500R
67089 Dec. 2014 2MG3JMBA5FW067089 Cummins ISX12 Allison B500R6
67094 2015 2MG3JM8AXFW067094 Daimler DD13 Allison B500R
67214 2015 2MG3JM8A4FW067214 Daimler DD13 Allison B500R
  • Charcoal base
67493 Motor Coach Industries J4500 Demonstrator 67493-a.jpg 2016 2MG3JM8AXGW067493 Cummins ISX12 Allison B500R
  • Tan base
  • Blue and pale yellow interior w/ Amaya A-2TEN seats
67529 2016 2MG3JM8A6GW067529 Daimler DD13 Allison B500R
  • Red base
  • Charcoal interior w/ Kiel 2050 seats
67593 2016 2MG3JMBA3GW067593 Cummins ISX12 Allison B500R
  • Crashed in Brookings, SD on February 29, 2016.
  • Disposition of bus unknown.
67609D 2016 2MG3JMBA3GW067609 Cummins ISX12 Allison B500R
67630 2016 2MG3JMBA5GW067630 Cummins ISX12 Allison B500R
  • Silver base
67857 2017 2MG3JM8AXHW067857 Daimler DD13 Allison B500R
68125 2017 2MG3JM8A7HW068125 Daimler DD13 Allison B500R
  • Navy base
68356 2017 2MG3JM8A4HW068356 Daimler DD13
69166 2018 2MG3JMBA4KW069166 Cummins ISX12
69520 2020 2MG3JMBA5LW069520 Cummins X12 Allison B500
  • White with blue/black graphics and "J4500 Clean Diesel Coach" graphics
  • Exhibited at the UMA Expo 2021 in Orlando, April 21-25, 2021.
69575 2020 2MG3JMNA3LW069575 Cummins X12 Allison B500
69722 2020 2MG3JMNA1LW069722 Cummins X12 Allison B500
2023 2MGD1W916PW105579 Cummins X12 Allison B500