Motor Coach Industries MC-9

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Motor Coach Industries MC-9
Motor Coach Industries MC-9
MCI MC-9 Special
Motor Coach Industries MC-9 Special
Years of manufacture 1978 to 1990
Length 40 feet 3½ inches
Width 96 inches
Power/Fuel Diesel
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The Motor Coach Industries MC-9, also known as the Crusader II, was one of the company's most popular motorcoaches, with 6,425 buses produced. Transportation Manufacturing Corporation also produced 3,194 coaches. The MC-9 was developed in 1978 and was an evolution of the MC-8.

The MC-9 featured a flat roofline and tall rectangular side windows that were all the same size. Inside, the coach used a new parcel rack design. From 1983 to 1987, New Jersey Transit placed a large order for a commuter version of the MC-9 called the MC-9A and MC-9B. They featured a destination sign window above the windshield and a two-piece front door. The MC-9B's destination sign was larger than that of the MC-9A. In the last two years of production, MCI offered the MC-9 Special. Most notably, they were sold to Greyhound Canada. The MC-9 Special was available with squared headlights as well as fog lights. Inside it adopted the same interior components as the 102-C3, which were also adopted by the A-Series.



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Demonstrator units

Fleet number Thumbnail Year Serial/VIN Engine Transmission Notes
1976 X9-997 Leased to Greyhound Canada 997.
1978 X9-998
1978 34000/X9-999 Sold to Pacific Western Transportation 322.
597 1979 34016/S13597 Sold to Murray Hill 79-10.
1/79 34029/S13596 To Great Southern Coaches Inc. 901.
4/79 34225/S14156 To Murray Hill 79-6.
8/79 34460/S14342
9/79 34520/S14412 Sold to Murray Hill 79-7
8/80 35212/S15300 Sold to Domenico Tours DT-7991.
235 8/81 1M89CM8A9BP036235 Detroit Diesel 8V71N Sold to Keeshin Charter Service 932.
8/81 1M89CM8A6BP036242 Detroit Diesel 8V71N Sold to Raritan Valley Bus Service 873.
1/82 1M89CM8AXCP036648 Detroit Diesel 8V71N
941 3/82 1M89CM8A4CP036941 Detroit Diesel 8V71N Sold to Pegasus Charter Ltd. 109
8201 8/82 1M89CM8A0CP037291 Detroit Diesel 8V71N Sold to Diamond Beach Express Inc. 711
8202 8/82 1M89CM8A8CP037295 Detroit Diesel 8V71N Sold to Wolf’s Bus Lines 143.
382 9/82 1M89CM8A3CP037382 Detroit Diesel 8V71N Sold to United Trails Inc. 2761.
84 1983 1M89CM8A9DP038084 Detroit Diesel 8V71N
507 1983 1M89CM8A0DP038507 Detroit Diesel 8V71N Sold to Norline Coaches (Ft. St. John, BC) 709.

Preserved Coaches

Year Thumbnail Serial Original Owner Fleet Number Current Owner
1978 S13603 Allstate Charter Lines Orion Picture Bus
1982 1M89CM8A4CP036941 Demo, then Pegasus Charter 109 Private owner
1987 1M89CM7A7HP041461 New Jersey Transit 5036 New Jersey Transportation Heritage Center
1987 1M89CM7A3HP041327 New Jersey Transit 5152 Chicagoland Historical Bus Museum