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New England Wheels Logo-a.png
Founded: 1981
Headquarters: 33 Manning Rd, Billerica, MA

New England Wheels, often referred to as N.E.W., is a manufacturer of low-floor cutaway buses headquartered in Billerica, Massachusetts.

As of 2023, New England Wheels is now known as Frontrunner Bus Group, officially New England Wheels, Inc. dba Frontrunner Bus Group, after divesting its structural van conversion business to focus on the further development and manufacture of the Frontrunner low floor bus.


New England Wheels, Inc. was founded in 1981 by Joseph and Carmela Scafidi, focused primarily on the conversion of standard and extended body vans for shuttle and commercial use. In 2004, a series of four converted vans were produced for either shuttle or commercial use; the New Englander, the Patroit, the Bostonian, and the Concorde. These models were discontinued in 2008 in conjunction with a rebranding effort. In 2016, New England Wheels introduced the Frontrunner, a low floor cutaway bus utilizing a RAM Promaster 3500 chassis.



Model Introduced
Frontrunner 2016


Model Introduced Discontinued
New Englander 2004 2008
Patroit 2004 2008
Bostonian 2004 2008
Concorde 2004 2008

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