New Flyer Industries MD35

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New Flyer MD35
Krapf's 1314-b.jpg
Years of manufacture 2013 to present
Length 35 feet
Width 96 inches

The New Flyer Industries MD35 is a medium-duty, low-floor transit and shuttle bus designed for a 10-year, 350,000-mile life. Part of the Midi range, it is a rebadged Alexander Dennis Enviro200Dart adapted for use in Canada and the United States. In addition to being the first American operator to purchase the Midi, Krapf Group was the first to purchase the Midi in a 35-foot length.

In May 2017, New Flyer and Alexander Dennis announced that MiDi production will be transferred in the fourth quarter of the year from New Flyer's Minnesota facility to Alexander Dennis's facility in Indiana. Sales, marketing and aftermarket parts will also be transitioned to Alexander Dennis with the full support of New Flyer. In total, New Flyer has produced 200 MiDi buses for 22 customers.[1]



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Demonstrator and engineering units

Below is a list of known demonstrator and engineering buses.

Fleet number Thumbnail Date VIN Engine Transmission Notes
SFEY2111XDGN33608 Cummins ISB6.7 Allison B300R
Mar. 2013 SFEY21118CGN33203 Cummins ISB6.7 Allison B300R
  • White 35'
  • Altoona test bus from July 19, 2013 to May 2, 2014.
Oct. 2013 SFEY21114DGN33894 Cummins ISB6.7 Allison B300R
Aug. 2014 5FYD9KR08FB045271 Cummins ISB6.7 Allison B300R
  • "built to rely on" orange 35'
  • Originally orange and silver
  • Trial with Go West Transit October 2014
  • Displayed at 2015 CUTA Trans-Expo
  • Sold to Krapf Group as 1512 in 2017


New Flyer Industries
Current Models

Battery-Electric: 35ft: XE35 - 40ft: XE40 - 60ft: XE60
Compressed Natural Gas (CNG): 35ft: XN35 - 40ft: XN40 - 60ft: XN60
Diesel: 35ft: XD35 - 40ft: XD40 - 60ft: XD60
Diesel-Electric Hybrid: 35ft: XDE35 - 40ft: XDE40 - 60ft: XDE60
Electric Trolleybus: 40ft: XT40 - 60ft: XT60
Hydrogen Fuel Cell: 40ft: XHE40 - 60ft: XHE60

Past Models

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG): 30ft: C30LF - C30LFR - 35ft: C35LF - C35LFR - 40ft: C40 - C40LF - C40LFR
Diesel: 30ft: D30LF - MD30 - 35ft: D35 - D35LF - D35LFR - MD35 - 40ft: D40 - D40LF - D40LFA - D40LFR - D40S - D40i - 45ft: D45S - 60ft: D60 - D60LF - D60LFA - D60LFR
Diesel-Electric Hybrid: 30ft: DE30LFR - 35ft: DE35LF - DE35LFA - DE35LFR - 40ft: DE40LF - DE40LFA - DE40LFR - DE40i - 60ft: DE60LF - DE60LFA - DE60LFR
Electric Trolleybus: 40ft: E40LF - E40LFR - 60ft: E60 - E60LFR
Gasoline-Electric Hybrid: 35ft: GE35LFR - 40ft: GE40LF - GE40LFA - GE40LFR
Hydrogen-Electric Hybrid: 40ft: HE40LF
Hydrogen Fuel Cell: 40ft: F40LF/H40LF - H40LFR
Liquified Natural Gas (LNG): 30ft: L30LF - 35ft: L35LF - 40ft: L40 - L40LF - L40LFR

Platform Invero - Low Floor - MiDi - Xcelsior