New Flyer Industries XT40

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New Flyer XT40
King County Metro Transit 4318-a.jpg
Years of manufacture 2014 to present
Length 40 feet
Width 102 inches
Height 140 inches
Weight 32,878 lbs. (est.)
Seating capacity 42 max
Propulsion Electric trolley

The New Flyer Industries XT40 is an electric trolleybus from New Flyer's Xcelsior line. It was introduced after New Flyer successfully bid on a contract for King County Metro's next generation of trolleybuses. The San Francisco Municipal Railway (MUNI) teamed up with King County Metro to jointly purchase the coaches on the same contract, a move that lowered pricing. The first two pilot (prototype) buses were delivered to Seattle in October 2014 and a group of five production model coaches were the first to go into revenue service on August 19, 2015.

King County Metro purchased 109 coaches that were delivered between 2014 and 2016. The San Francisco Municipal Railway (MUNI) later ordered 185 XT40 coaches for delivery between 2017 and 2019.

Like the E40LFR, New Flyer worked with Vossloh Kiepe to integrate their electrical equipment into the bus. Equipment such as inverters and resistors are located on the roof ahead of the current collector (trolley poles). A traction motor, supplied by Škoda, and auxiliary power unit (lithium ion phosphate batteries) as well as HVAC are located at the rear.



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New Flyer Industries
Current Models

Battery-Electric: 35ft: XE35 - 40ft: XE40 - 60ft: XE60
Compressed Natural Gas (CNG): 35ft: XN35 - 40ft: XN40 - 60ft: XN60
Diesel: 35ft: XD35 - 40ft: XD40 - 60ft: XD60
Diesel-Electric Hybrid: 35ft: XDE35 - 40ft: XDE40 - 60ft: XDE60
Electric Trolleybus: 40ft: XT40 - 60ft: XT60
Hydrogen Fuel Cell: 40ft: XHE40 - 60ft: XHE60

Past Models

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG): 30ft: C30LF - C30LFR - 35ft: C35LF - C35LFR - 40ft: C40 - C40LF - C40LFR
Diesel: 30ft: D30LF - MD30 - 35ft: D35 - D35LF - D35LFR - MD35 - 40ft: D40 - D40LF - D40LFA - D40LFR - D40S - D40i - 45ft: D45S - 60ft: D60 - D60LF - D60LFA - D60LFR
Diesel-Electric Hybrid: 30ft: DE30LFR - 35ft: DE35LF - DE35LFA - DE35LFR - 40ft: DE40LF - DE40LFA - DE40LFR - DE40i - 60ft: DE60LF - DE60LFA - DE60LFR
Electric Trolleybus: 40ft: E40LF - E40LFR - 60ft: E60 - E60LFR
Gasoline-Electric Hybrid: 35ft: GE35LFR - 40ft: GE40LF - GE40LFA - GE40LFR
Hydrogen-Electric Hybrid: 40ft: HE40LF
Hydrogen Fuel Cell: 40ft: F40LF/H40LF - H40LFR
Liquified Natural Gas (LNG): 30ft: L30LF - 35ft: L35LF - 40ft: L40 - L40LF - L40LFR

Platform Invero - Low Floor - MiDi - Xcelsior